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Re: Wanting to evict tenant due to criminal activity - Landlord Forum thread 356341

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Re: Wanting to evict tenant due to criminal activity by KC on March 1, 2018 @21:58

Do I need to give her 30 days as of date the eviction notice is served or 30 days after end of current month? I am finding conflicting information on this.
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Re: Wanting to evict tenant due to criminal activity by Garry (Iowa) on March 1, 2018 @23:38 [ Reply ]
You don't give her an "eviction" notice at all, UNLESS she does not pay you March rent. You give her a standard 30 day MINIMUM notice to be out voluntarily by May 1. IF she pays you March rent in the next 3 days, then you write up your 30 day notice, and hand a copy of it to her by March 10. You also send it by both regular and certified mail to her. "30 days" is always the MINIMUM number of days a LL must give a T. If she get the notice March 10-15, you are effectively giving her 45-50 days to get out by May 1. A 30 day minimum notice is simply a TERMINATION of a lease, NOT an "eviction",
    Re: Wanting to evict tenant due to criminal activity by KC on March 2, 2018 @09:32 [ Reply ]
    OK, I will make up a termination of lease letter. While she hasn't been accused of a crime the police told me they are planning to do a drug raid on the apartment. I didn't think they were supposed to tell people about drug raids. The police said she has "drug related texts" (marijuana) on her phone, but they haven't searched her phone with a warrant. She just handed them her phone to look through and get the numbers of the people that were at the party.

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