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Fire Extinguisher - Landlord Forum thread 356396

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Fire Extinguisher by Sunny (FL) on March 8, 2018 @18:00

I'm just wondering if any one provides a fire extinguisher in a rental. It's not a legal requirement, is it?
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Re: Fire Extinguisher by Jason (PA) on March 8, 2018 @19:28 [ Reply ]
I'm actually wondering the same thing...
Re: Fire Extinguisher by Garry (Iowa) on March 8, 2018 @19:45 [ Reply ]
Most cities in the country, if they have city-mandated inspections, require fire extinguishers in each individual rental unit. (and also in hallways of larger apartment complexes) Why would you NOT want to provide one, even if it's not required by a code ? If a fire starts somewhere in your unit, and the tenant is home, the FIRST thing they should do is GET EVERYONE OUT! However, if a T makes an on-the-spot determination that they may be able to stop a small fire, don't you think a fire ext. on the premises would be a good thing. They are $20-$40 in most areas of the country, and are good for 10 years before needing to be replaced or recharged. You provide smoke detectors, don't you? Then doesn't it make sense to also provide a fire ext. After all, it's just another level of protection for the tenant, their possessions, and your VALUABLE RENTAL PROPERTY. That's pretty cheap protection, from having a $1,000 fire becoming a $1,000,000 fire. Check with you local building code officials, and also the fire dept. to see what they recommend.
Re: Fire Extinguisher by Anonymous on March 9, 2018 @10:35 [ Reply ]
I require per lease that tenant furnish and maintain x number of 1a10bc or better extinguishers. My thought is that Ll furnishing is an invitation to """your extinguisher didn't work""".
Re: Fire Extinguisher by Anonymous on March 9, 2018 @11:40 [ Reply ]
Landlords in Florida are only required to provide smoke detectors. I don't know of any state that requires a landlord to provide fire extinguishers. If a tenant wants one, they should purchase and maintain their own.

Fla. Stat. 83.51(2)(b)
(b) Unless otherwise agreed in writing, at the commencement of the tenancy of a single-family home or duplex, the landlord shall install working smoke detection devices. As used in this paragraph, the term “smoke detection device” means an electrical or battery-operated device which detects visible or invisible particles of combustion and which is listed by Underwriters Laboratories, Inc., Factory Mutual Laboratories, Inc., or any other nationally recognized testing laboratory using nationally accepted testing standards.
Re: Fire Extinguisher by Anonymous on March 9, 2018 @16:52 [ Reply ]
I put one in as a kindness in hopes that it may avoided a major event. I make them aware of it and charge them for it if they take it with them in the move out.
Re: Fire Extinguisher by lamac66 (ga) on March 12, 2018 @12:30 [ Reply ]
I do
Re: Fire Extinguisher by ThirdStreet (FL) on March 22, 2018 @23:12 [ Reply ]
We supply one in each rental.
As a side note:

We are going through the process of exchanging 20 of ours due to the recall of the brand we purchase.

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