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Has anyone been sued for self-help eviction?? - Landlord Forum thread 358304

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Has anyone been sued for self-help eviction?? by Laura on July 30, 2018 @02:07

I am at my wits end and on the verge of changing the locks and not giving a darn about the consequences so I can stop being forced to pay my brotherís mobile home lot rent while he refuses to work. For several months now I have been trying to get my brother out of this mobile home, which he originally paid for, but could not get approval to purchase on his own and pass the credit check because of past evictions. To help him out and save my mother worrying about him, I put everything in my name, with the agreement that he would pay the lot rent and eventually, when heís proven himself, the Park Manahement was willing to switch the lease to his name. Low and behold, he didnít pay a dime, leaving me stuck with paying it for over a year. Several months prior to the lease expiration I told him I was not renewing and wanted him gone so I could sell the place and try to recoup the over $16,000 he owes me in rent. He would not leave which has put me in the position to pay $1500 lot rent for the past 4 months since as penalty for not renewing the lease. Because I could not pay this rent and mine too, I ended up not renewing my own lease and had to move back with our parents. In the meantime, heís living high on the hog. Heíll say heís leaving, then at the last minute say he doesnít have the money and even when I (or our parents) offer to pay for the move, heíll find another excuse or simply change his mind. I once even hired movers and rented a truck as agreed, only for him to change his mind the day of.

Last week he agreed to leave by the 31st and asked me to foot the moving bill again and I agreed to get him the hell out. This time I got him to agree to this on video, because heís evicted enough to know not to put it in writing. But I swear to Pete, if he plays this game and doesnít leave as agreed I am putting him out and putting his crap in storage. Iíll take the whatever heat comes with that decision, but I would like to know what to expect. I canít even afford to evict him at this point. And even if I did, evictions take from 4-9 months in Chicago, or longer during a harsh winter. But canít afford to continue to pay this $1500 either. So I feel
like I have no choice but to take matters into my own hands.
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Re: Has anyone been sued for self-help eviction?? by Garry on July 30, 2018 @07:51 [ Reply ]
YOU are doing this to YOURSELF! YOU are an ENABLER! In this case YOU need to do NOTHING! DO NOT pay the lot rent! DO NOT pay the utilities. DO NOT pay for his groceries. DO NOT communicate with him in ANY WAY! If he calls, texts, or emails you, DO NOT ANSWER, PERIOD!! If he comes to your door, DO NOT OPEN IT! Your brother will NEVER hit rock bottom, because YOU AND YOUR PARENTS are ALWAYS there to CATCH HIM/PROP HIM UP!!
You need to watch Dr. Phil on a daily basis, as he tells this same thing to his audience and the whole country about once a week. IF YOU AND YOUR PARENTS STOP DOING ANYTHING/EVERYTHING for your brother, EVENTUALLY, he will run out of food, and will have to move when it gets cold, because of no utilities on. DO NOT WORRY ABOUT HIM. ALL LIFE on this planet automatically seeks food when they are hungry, and seeks shelter from the cold (if utils are off). He WILL MOVE, if YOU stop doing things to keep him there.

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