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Landlord E-Mail Notices and Reminders

LPA Heads Up! E-Mail Notices and Reminders

Exclusive Free Bonus for LPA Members

Heads UP! Email RemindersWith more and more landlords taking advantage of free and low cost advertising such as Craigslist and other online options, many tenants and landlords establish their relationship online and continue to communicate by e-mail. Heads UP! Email Reminders

Banks do it, utility companies and management companies do it, and you can too! You don't need a complicated program to be able to send your tenants a simple e-mail reminder notice. You can simply copy and paste these Heads Up! E-Mail Notices and Reminders into your e-mails and send them as needed.

You can easily customize the existing notices for your tenants and even create new ones for other situations.

The fact is, e-mail reminder notices are effective. In today's society it is often easier and faster to reach someone by e-mail than by phone or postal mail. The simple reminder of a payment coming due or other obligation can sometimes make all the difference.

"I never intended to communicate with my tenants by email, but they have my email address from my online rental ad."

Please keep in mind that The LPA does not suggest you use these email notices as a replacement for printed official forms and notices. Official notices should be served to the tenant legally as described in your lease agreement, usually by certified mail and/or personal service. The e-mail reminders are merely a "Heads Up!" Friendly E-mail Reminder to let the tenant know of an upcoming event such as:

  • #1 Heads Up Pre-Rent Due Date Reminder
  • #2 Heads Up Rent Due Reminder
  • #3 Heads Up Early Discount Reminder
  • #4 Heads Up Rent Past Due Reminder
  • #5 Heads Up Renewal Reminder
  • #6 Heads Up Lease Violation
  • #7 Heads Up Clean-up and Large Item Removal Reminder
  • #8 Heads Up! Heating Service Contract Reminder
  • #9 Heads Up! Appliance Service Contract Reminder
  • #10 Heads Up! Renters Insurance Reminder
  • #11 Heads Up! Remove Air Conditioner(s) Reminder
  • #12 Heads Up! Move-Out Instructions Reminder
  • #13 Heads Up! Annual Rent Increase Reminder

The Heads Up! E-Mail Notices and Reminders are an exclusive Free Bonus for LPA Members.

Heads UP! Email Reminders

Don't Want Tenants Emailing You?

Now more than before, courts are accepting printed out emails as proof of official notices, repair requests and other paper trails by tenants to be used against landlords. The LPA does not recommend email communication as a medium for any official notices regarding the tenancy from tenants. For your protection, insert the notice below to appear at the bottom of any emails you send to your tenant.

Just copy and paste the above to the bottom of your emails when corresponding with tenants online.

Legal Disclaimer

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