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- August 2010
Dani Babb

Dani is the author of a number of books written to help individuals succeed in business, including, "The Accidental Landlord".

Landlord Since 2000
State: AZ, TX, CA
Property Type: Duplex & Single Family Houses

How I Got Started

Buying too many properties at once! Heated rental market - rented them out to "anyone" - Big mistake. Noted all the bad stuff I did- (everything wrong) - took 2 years to undo all the damage!

Philosophy of the Working Landlord

Be fair, but protect yourself. Trust, but verify. Pay attention to the details.

How I Do It

The LPA! Checklists & forms & software to help track payments. I get attorneys involved if I need to & I don't take excuses from tenants.

The Lease...

Always The LPA Lease with state by state rules.

Tips on the Landlord / Tenant Relationship

Fair- caring but not nurturing behavior that I don't want repeated
Open- encourage use of email & incentives for clean properties & timely rent.

Managing The Rentals...

Consistency- set the bar high - get clerical help if you need it. Don't wait even one more day to mail notices. Prove everything!

Legal Tips and Words of Wisdom:

There are professional tenants out there and they can wreak havok. My worst rental was in California with a tenant that tried to renegotiate her lease 3-6 times a year. Know the tenant's rights, not just the landlord's rights.

The LPA would like to thank Dani Babb for accepting the Landlord of the Month award and for sharing her many helpful articles and contributions on the LPA website. Her landlording book, "The Accidental Landlord" is a great hit among landlords across the country, helping landlords everywhere to do a more effective job protecting themselves in a rough business.

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