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The Deadbeat Database | Tenant Reporting Bureau

Consumer Rights Under the

Consumer Rights Under the
Fair Credit Reporting Act

What Landlords Need to Know About Consumer Reports

Landlords / Information Providers Responsibility To Credit Reporting Agencies

The National Tenant Rating Bureau
Tenant Reporting

Also known as The Deadbeat Database
All consumer reporting is done in strict compliance with Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) guidelines.

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How many times have you wished that you could report a bad tenant to warn other landlords?

We have found that when a prospective tenant is warned that the landlord may report positive and negative information affecting the tenant's credit, the rent becomes a priority. We let all applicants know that if they value their good or clean credit, they must make the rent a top priority. We ask the tenant not to sign a lease with us unless he or she is absolutely sure that paying the rent in a timely manner will not be a problem. We tell them that we would not want to see them ruin their excellent credit standing and damage their future creditworthiness when it comes to applying for a mortgage or other credit. Once a tenant knows that his or her own actions will determine what information will go on his or her permanent record, the importance of paying the rent and honoring the lease agreement will be seen in a whole new light.

  • The National Tenant Rating Bureau or Deadbeat Database confidential tenant profiles are an exclusive service to members of The Landlord Protection Agency.

  • Unlimited Access of The Deadbeat Database / NTRB is FREE with your LPA membership.

  • For delinquency reporting to the credit bureaus, click here.

    Below is a sample of a tenant history reporting page:

    Name: Tommy Tenant
    Social Security #: 000-00-1234

    This LPA feature is designed to make it easy for landlords to report on tenants. Whether the information is positive or negative, it can be used as a source of reference for prospective landlords. It is important to make the tenants aware of the fact that their performance as your tenant can have an effect on their record. The fact is, tenants are more careful with payments that will reflect on their record. As a landlord, you are now in a position to give the tenant a good incentive to prioritize the rent and have it paid before other bills.

    The Deadbeat Database is not meant to be a weapon to punish bad tenants, but rather an effective tool for enforcing your lease right from the start. Please note that The LPA complies with federal laws pertaining to consumer rights and fair credit reporting.

    Users of the NTRB / Deadbeat Database also use the LPA's Credit Reporting Disclosure Notice to Tenant

    Legal Disclaimer

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