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"Of all the sites out there, the LPA by FAR has the most extensive resources, the most knowledgeable help, the most expertise, and is quite possibly the best real estate site I've used in my career."
Dr. Dani Babb, and Author of "Real Estate v2.0" , "Finding Foreclosures", "Commissions at Risk", "Teaching Online", and
"The Accidental Landlord". Fellow LPA Member since 2007.

"My LPA Membership has saved me from so many expensive tenant problems, it has already paid for itself many times over."
Louis C., LPA Member since February 2001.

The LPA not only lets you share your experience with other landlords, but it will also help to answer your questions.
Timothy Spangler, Author of "From the Rat Race to Real Estate", LPA Member since December 2003

The Web site was founded by John Nuzzolese, and he is a “nice guy” like we were when we started. He learned many lessons the hard way, like we did, and so you will benefit greatly from his experiences, and from being part of this group.
Kind regards,
Sandy Midea, Author of "A Fool's Guide to Landlording"

"The LPA Lease has become my favorite lease, and enforcing it with the Essential Forms is even better. Managing my properties (tenants) has become much easier."
Jack Klein, LPA Member since May 2001.

"The question should be ..." "Can you afford not to join The Landlord Protection Agency? I'm very thankful for all The LPA has done for us. At first we were intimidated by our tenants and the whole process of leasing and managing our rental property. Now we have 3 rentals with excellent tenants!"
Carol and Jim S., LPA Members since July 2003

"I'd like to thank Mr. Nuzzolese for sharing his landlording knowledge with us. I find it refreshing to be able to get down to earth articles and real life helpful advice on the LPA website.
Gary Smith, LPA Member since 2007

"I cannot express how your products have made my job so much easier. I have peace of mind now knowing that I am protected by the verbiage you have in your contracts. Thank you so much."
Tony Gramm, Aurora, OH

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Real Estate Investing Depot

An arsenal LANDLORD PROTECTION, knowledge & resources at your disposal.

The fine sites listed below have joined The Landlord Protection Agency in providing helpful information and services for landlords to stay well informed and prepared.

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If you have a website that is helpful to landlords and would like to exchange links with us and/or list your site on our Landlord Links page, be sure to include your name, address and telephone number. Feel free to supply your company logo.


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    Landlording and Investment Sites

    I highly recommend Cynthia and Gary Schmidt's Collect Back Rent program and training course! If you have former tenants who still owe you money, you'll be glad you checked this out! - John Nuzzolese, The


    Real Estate Investor's Club of Los Angeles
    "You Can Get Rich In Real Estate . . . But Not Without Help!"
    - Phyllis Rockower President, Founder & 20 Year Veteran


    real estate legal information, articles on eviction, real estate investing, landlord tenant law
    - Real Estate Attorney and author, William Bronchick shares articles on real estate investing, landlord tenant law, evictions and more.

    William Bronchick, Real Estate Attorney, Asset Protection, Real Estate Investing Resources

    "I highly recommend William Bronchick's books, seminars and courses!" - John Nuzzolese, The Landlord Protection Agency

    Vena Jones-Cox , "The Real Estate Goddess"
    A true real estate expert in buying homes, wholesaling (making money flipping properties without even closing on them) and managing properties as a landlord. I highly recommend any of Vena's material and advice! She knows her stuff! - John Nuzzolese, President, The Landlord Protection Agency


    Real Estate Investing Depot Your guide to Real Estate Investing Resources. Whether you're a newbie or a seasoned investor looking for real estate investing courses, manuals, software and services, you will find it here.


    The Landlord Times: Your source for multifamily and apartment news and landlord, property management, property maintenance & real estate investing tips.


    Magic Bullets in Real Estate

    This site is a human communications platform for real estate issues, landlords and investors. It is designed to offer advice, support, information, resources and tools related to understanding how to use real estate to your best advantage. This site was created by my friend Dan Auito. Be sure to check out his recently released real estate book, "Magic Bullets in Real Estate".

    **************** is a website started by two landlords who were tired of tenants not paying their rent, having to pay money to evict them, and never getting paid on their judgments. Our goal is to create a free nationwide database containing eviction and judgment information so that landlords can quickly & easily check a potential tenant's rental history.
    A 100% free listing service for roommates and Rentals. If it is for rent, you can list it here. Simple, quick, and user friendly.


    law office of Gary Link, attorney, eviction, landlord tenant law

    LINK FOR LANDLORDS - Gary Link, Attorney at Law
    Serving Sacramento area landlords since 1979 Over 30, 000 eviction cases --- Over 8, 750 eviction trials


    landlord coalition

    The Coalition of Landlords, Homeowners and Merchants
    - Our mission is to provide economic assistance to landlords, merchants and residential property owners so to aid in their defense of alleged violations of housing standards, ordinances, and statutes, and to provide a registry of legal counsel in support of the same who can further assist in the acquisition, transfer and foreclosure of real property as well as anything incidental and in furtherance of the above to help our members.



    Quick Check Credit Reports ~ Tenant screening - No signup fees! No Onsite Inspection for Private Landlords

    Special Tenant Screening Discounts for LPA members!
    See our price list!


    The Deadbeat Database™ / National Tenant Rating Bureau™ from The Landlord Protection Agency


    Provides quality criminal background reports for employers, landlords or anyone wishing to ensure their safety. State, county, national and sex offender registry reports are available.


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    Landlord Tenant Law

    Landlord Tenant Law

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