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Landlord Test - Situational Landord - Tenant Problems

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Situational Landord - Tenant Problems
Part 1

Answer the following multiple choice questions by selecting the most correct answer for the situation.

Instructions: Click on the answer(s) of your choice to see if you are correct.
(Some questions have more than one correct answer)

1. Most landlords are more than happy to start off on a good note with their new tenants and will gladly grant them early possession when asked. The Early Occupancy Addendum:

2. Four college students, Joe, Tom, Nathan and Pete signed a lease to rent a house for 2 years. The landlord collected a security damage deposit of $2,000.00 After 10 months, Pete decides to move out and finds James to take his place. Pete collects $500. security deposit from James and asks the landlord to let James sign the lease in order to take himself off the contract. At the end of the term, the home is returned extremely damaged. The damages far exceeded the deposit. Except James was a model tenant and left his room absolutely perfect.
How much of deposit refund from the landlord is James entitled to?

3. What 3 things are most important when screening a tenant?

4. John and Jeanne had a rental "Open House". Four prospective tenants filled out an application.

  • Prospect #1 offered $100. less than the advertised rental price and is fully qualified credit and income-wise.
  • Prospect # 2 offered the full rent amount, is self employed as a limo driver and his wife is involved with Day Care. Their credit score is too low to register on a credit report.
  • Prospect # 3 is an attorney with extremely high income, but refuses to share his social security # because that is confidential information. He did leave a deposit and offered more than the asking price.
  • Prospect #4 is a building inspector who offered to overlook a few violations in exchange for a $150. per month discount.

Their best course of action is to

5. Adding a Mold Addendum to your lease:

6. Tenants Sabrina and Joe, on an LPA Lease were renting a house when a car crashed into it causing loss of electricity for days. This caused the food in their freezer to go bad. Who is responsible for the cost of their food?

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