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Landlord Cringes

Things tenants do or say that make you CRINGE!


If you're a seasoned landlord or property manager, you may have heard certain statements or questions that put you on red alert. Below are some things tenants say than make me cringe!

  1. "You'll have to stop over and see our new dog! He's so cute!"

  2. "Sorry to wake you. Can you come over now? Our waste line is backed up and we have 6 inches of waste water in the basement."

  3. "We tried to find you everywhere. We had a little fire. You have insurance, right?"

  4. "Isn't that nice? Our children are in the same class!"

  5. "The rent is going to be slightly delayed because I was laid off."

  6. "We had a small leak so we hired a plumber to fix it rather than bother you about it. We never expected them to charge you so much.

  7. "This house is infested with roaches! The exterminator says the landlord should pay the bill."

  8. "I'd like you to meet my new boyfriend Bubba. I want to add him to the lease since he'll be living here."

  9. "Just use my security deposit. I don't have the rent this month."

  10. "You know the new fence that was on the side of the house..."

  11. "It's freezing in here and there are leaking pipes in all of the rooms."

  12. "The air conditioner is broken. Fix it or I'm not paying the rent."

  13. "My son is a lawyer!"

  14. "Was that wallpaper in the living room new?"

  15. "The attic doesn't have flooring! Your foot can go through the ceiling."

  16. "It's against the law to ask me for the rent more than once."

  17. "Drop by for coffee and we can talk about what needs to be done here."

  18. After the sheriff's men remove the tenant from the home, the tenant walks over and says, "I want my whole deposit back... NOW! This place is better than I found it!"

I Cringe When My Tenant...

  • paints house neon green without asking.

  • rips up the manicured lawn to install jungle gym and pool without permission.

  • buries their Great Dane with a grave headstone in the front yard.

  • parks on the lawn.

  • calls mildew in their tub "black mold".

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