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Landlord & Real Estate Books

An endless library of real estate knowledge is available right here.

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The following are only a small selection of great books that have been a source of knowledge and inspiration for real estate investors and landlords.

At the bottom of the page, our Hot Landlord & Real Estate Books Associate Link to enables you to to search for great discounts on books or any merchandise you may be looking for.

  • 6 Biggest Landlord TrapsThe 6 Biggest Landlord Traps, Secrets of Landlord Protection by John Nuzzolese

    New York – New Life Vision, LLC recently announced that the book "The 6 Biggest Landlord Traps: Secrets of Landlord Protection!" by John Nuzzolese, reached # 1 on the Amazon Best Seller List, on the day the book debuted.
    "John has successfully rented and managed hundreds of rentals for almost 40 years. John Nuzzolese has no equal in the real estate rental space, so I am not surprised at the success of the book. John is truly the EXPERT in this space," said his publisher, TC Bradley.

    Discover the Landlording Secrets that have enabled John to successfully rent and manage hundreds of rentals for almost 40 years!

  • Learn how John fell into the "Landlord Niche"
  • Recognize and avoid the "6 Biggest Landlord Traps"
  • Pre-Screening rental applicants
  • Screening with low cost credit reports
  • Why you should use a "Landlord’s Lease Agreement"
  • How reporting tenants to the credit bureau makes a difference
    With John’s principles of Landlording, you’ll be able to:
  • keep more of your rent,
  • have fewer vacancies and
  • experience more pleasant tenancies!!

    Landlord Tenant Screening book Finding and Keeping Qualified Tenants - From Pre-Screening to Lease Signing
    A Step by Step Guide"
    (Available only with The LPA Home Study Landlord Package)
    or for a Limited Time, as a Special Bonus with a 6 Year LPA Membership!

  • Advertising Your Rental
  • The Safest Way to Pre-Screen your Tenants
  • Avoid the 6 Biggest Landlord Traps
  • What Not to Say to Prospective Tenants
  • Fair Housing Laws
  • Deposits
  • How to Verify the Info on The Rental Application
  • Do's & Don'ts of The Rental Application
  • The Landlord Reference Qualifier
  • Credit Reports & Background Checks
  • Evaluating Prospects
  • How to Read a Credit Report
  • Tenant Acceptance and Denial
  • How to Approve Your New Tenants
  • Important Pre-Lease Disclosure Forms that Make a Big Difference in Your Rent Payments
  • The Property Condition Move-In Report
  • Preparing to Rent

    Landlord Power! 50 Kick A$$ Clauses
    and The Forms to Enforce Them!"

    (Available only with The LPA Home Study Landlord Package)

  • Setting Your Lease Policies Clause by Clause
  • 50 + Clauses of Landlord Protection Explained Clause By Clause
  • How to Enforce Your Lease and Keep the Rent Coming In
  • How to Get Tenants to Care for Your Property
  • Fixed Lease Term or Month to Month?
  • How to Make Tenants Want to Pay Early
  • Late Fees and a Foolproof Way to Collect Them
  • What To Do When You Have Unauthorized Tenants
  • What To Do When the Tenant Doesn’t Pay
  • What To Do When the Tenants Want to Move
  • What To Do When the Tenant Wants to Use the Security Deposit As Rent
  • What To Do When I Have to Raise the Rent
  • How to Select a Good Eviction Attorney
  • Eliminate Disputes on Security Deductions
  • 50 Lease Management and Enforcement Forms

  • Dr Dani Babb, Author of The Accidental Landlord The Accidental Landlord: By Dr. Danielle Babb, national real estate expert and author is also a fellow LPA member.

    Have you ever heard of anyone becoming a landlord by "accident"? The Accidental Landlord is an excellent guide on how to make managing a rental property as easy as possible, whether you are an "accidental landlord" or an experienced real estate professional. In it, Danielle Babb presents to you in simple terms some of the finest proven techniques and forms used by professional landlords across the United States and Canada. In addition, The Accidental Landlord is full of time saving and money making ideas. She provides you with helpful internet sources to make your experience as a landlord easy and even fun. - John Nuzzolese, President of The Landlord Protection Agency

  • THE ARMCHAIR REAL ESTATE INVESTOR, By Robert Irwin The Armchair Real Estate Investor, By Robert Irwin
    Featuring The !

    Everything you need to know to profit from real estate you can learn online including finding valuable properties, buyers, sellers, financing, closing solutions and more.

    In the armchair real estate investor, Robert Irwin serves as your guide to every stage of investing from raising capital to landlording, to buying and selling. You are shown how even first-time investors can profit from the vast expertise available online....

  • Landlording on Auto-Pilot: A Simple, No-Brainer System for Higher Profits and Fewer Headaches, by Mike Butler
    I enjoyed Mike's book and found he makes use of many important ingredients needed to run a successful residential property management operation! - John Nuzzolese, The Landlord Protection Agency, Inc.

  • The 10X Rule: The Only Difference Between Success and Failure, By Grant Cardone
    Achieve "Massive Action" results and accomplish your business dreams! While most people operate with only three degrees of action-no action, retreat, or normal action-if you're after big goals, you don't want to settle for the ordinary. To reach the next level, you must understand the coveted 4th degree of action. This 4th degree, also know as the 10 X Rule, is that level of action that guarantees companies and individuals realize their goals and dreams.

    The 10 X Rule unveils the principle of "Massive Action," allowing you to blast through business clichˇs and risk-aversion while taking concrete steps to reach your dreams. It also demonstrates why people get stuck in the first three actions and how to move into making the 10X Rule a discipline. Find out exactly where to start, what to do, and how to follow up each action you take with more action to achieve Massive Action results. "I highly recommend this book to anyone who is serious about being a successful entrepreneur!" - John Nuzzolese, The Landlord Protection Agency

  • Be Obsessed or Be Average, by Grant Cardone
    From the millionaire entrepreneur and New York Times bestselling author of The 10X Rule comes a bold and contrarian wake-up call for anyone truly ready for success. One of the 7 best motivational books of 2016, according to Inc. Magazine.

    Before Grant Cardone built five successful companies (and counting), became a multimillionaire, and wrote bestselling books... he was broke, jobless, and drug-addicted.

    Grant had grown up with big dreams, but friends and family told him to be more reasonable and less demanding. If he played by the rules, they said, he could enjoy everyone else’s version of middle class success. But when he tried it their way, he hit rock bottom.

    "I highly recommend this book to anyone who is serious about being a successful entrepreneur!" - John Nuzzolese, The Landlord Protection Agency

  • The Millionaire Booklet, by Grant Cardone
    The Millionaire Booklet was created for you to keep close to you until you become a millionaire. The eight steps Grant lays out is in a very simple to understand language that will allow you to get started today in creating the money you deserve. Let's face it, your parents didn't teach you how to get rich and the schools and colleges don't even talk about it. At a time when more and more people are slipping out of the middle class into poverty, more people are becoming rich. Just last year over 500,000 households became millionaires. The Millionaire Booklet - How to Get Super Rich now and get one for your friends and start a Millionaire Booklet Mastermind holding each other accountable until you all get there.

    "A great handy booklet to keep close by at all times!" - John Nuzzolese, The Landlord Protection Agency

  • Full Frontal Real Estate Investing by Nick Moderelli Full Frontal Real Estate Investing:
    How to crush it in virtually any economy without ending up broke, burned, or butt-naked.
    By Nick Moderelli
    (You have 2 covers to choose from)

    I was happy to meet Nick and Arlene Moderelli at the Ohio Real Estate Investing Association convention, and fortunately Nick was generous enough to give me his book for peer review! What a cover! I have to tell you, I have gained many excellent business ideas and also find Nick's writing style relaxing, funny, informative and enjoyable! It's hard to put a good book down that keeps making you laugh and feeding you with good ideas! Great book, Nick, and thanks! - John Nuzzolese

    Edgy. Daring. Hilarious.
    You’ve never seen words like these being used to describe a book on real estate before. And yet, these are exactly the things people across the country are saying about Full Frontal Real Estate Investing. Why? It’s simple: There’s never been a book quite like it before. Ever. After all, what other book on real estate exposes you to the wealth secret that’s hidden inside of a Steven Wright joke? And where else can you go to find out what surfer dudes, Ferris Bueller, and a CSI crime scene all have to do with your odds of success? Or discover how the tactics of selling $4 caramel lattes can actually make it easier for you to close deals with irrational sellers?....

  • Are You Sure You Want to Be a Landlord? Are You Sure You Want to Be a Landlord?, By Cathy Keeton Azar
    A practical guidebook with advice, humor,stories and photos from a real landlord. Over 50 shocking color photos from tenants at their worst!
    The economic recession has turned many homeowners into landlords. Their neighbors and friends are doing it so why not? If everyone is doing it, it can't be that hard. But, as author Cathy Keeton Azar writes in her new book, Are You Sure You Want to Be a Landlord?, anything that seems easy and simple usually isn't.
    Cathy's book is a no nonsense practical guide on what you need to know to avoid the pitfalls, headaches and expense that come with tenants. Cathy, a veteran landlord, draws from her experience with pictures and stories of some of her worst tenant moments, including:
    • "The Out of Town Tenants"
    • "The Lawsuit Happy Tenant"
    • "Jim and His Extended Family"
    • "The Tenant Who Liked to Shoot"
    • "I Need My Light Bulb Changed"
    • "The Tenant Who Provided Their Own Heat"
    • "The Tile Installer"
    • "The Tenant Who Appealed the Eviction"

  • Landlording, By Leigh Robinson
    With Landlording, Leigh Robinson shows newbies and experienced landlords a simple and professional way to handle the hurdles and pitfalls of residential property management. The book includes easy to read instructions and examples of common situations experienced when dealing with tenants. Over the years, I have read just about every landlord and property management book on the market and I must say Landlording is an Essential. - John Nuzzolese

  • The Landlord's Troubleshooter:, By Robert IrwinThe Landlord's Troubleshooter: A Survival Guide for New Landlords, By Robert Irwin

    The Landlord's Troubleshooter is a clear, engaging guide that covers all the bases. It pays to start with the right property by analyzing the rental market. The Landlord's Troubleshooter offers savvy advice for the hands-on investor. This do-it-yourself landlording primer addresses what to do to avoid mistakes when renting properties, and outlines the best practices of the most successful landlords. Robert Irwin is the bestselling author of more than 50 books on real estate. His career in the real estate industry encompasses more than three decades of experience as real estate broker, landlord, and consultant to lenders, agents, and investors.

    Robert Irwin Real Estate Books
    Robert Irwin is also a member of The Landlord Protection Agency.

  • Tenant Screening Toolkit, By Kim HerbelTenant Screening Toolkit, By Kim Herbel
    One of the most important elements of being successful as a landlord is the practice of proper tenant screening. As a landlord herself, Kim Herbel has learned and mastered the art of qualifying good tenant prospects and eliminating bad ones.

    The book supplies helpful forms and links to fully prepare the reader with everything needed to screen a tenant. By screening carefully, you will find why I always say, "95% of tenant problems can be eliminated in the screening process!" -John Nuzzolese, President of The Landlord Protection Agency

    To take advantage of a special 10% off discount coupon code for LPA members and guests, in the book checkout process, use coupon code: "LPA."

  • Landlord Marketing Secrets, By Drew DeMasters
    I found "Landlord Marketing Secrets" interesting and thought provoking. Drew DeMasters introduces important and proven marketing ideas to the property management industry and the everyday landlord. Most landlords and property managers are unaware of these useful and effective techniques that can be easily applied to their own rental business.
    As a landlord himself, Mr. DeMasters conveys his “marketing secrets” based on experience in this easy to understand, enjoyable book that will surely be an asset to any serious landlord. - John Nuzzolese, President of The Landlord Protection Agency

  • How to Milk the Cash Cow,
    Taking a vacant, city, single family home and "utterly" turning it into a money making machine By Rhonda Graham
    In this enjoyable and informative book Rhonda Graham shares her story and experiences of how she began turning investment homes into fine-tuned money machines by renting out rooms.
    From the very beginning of the rental application process, Rhonda takes us step by step through selecting tenants, managing the property and the residents to hnadling returns of security deposits.
    If you are interested in maximizing rental income with room rentals, you've GOT to check out "How to Milk the Cash Cow"! - John Nuzzolese, President of The Landlord Protection Agency

  • House Investor's Manual, By Lambert Munz
    YOU HAVE LISTENED TO EVERYONE ELSE - IT IS TIME TO LISTEN TO A PROPERTY MANAGER. Most new investors contact the property manager last inside of the first thing before buying an investment. This is a mistake. Check with the people in the trenches to check on the condition of the rental market, what you should buy and not buy. As a veteran Real Estate Investor, Broker, Developer, and Property Manager, choosing the right rental home for investments is critical. I see so many investors from other areas buy in unfamiliar communities without doing their homework..

    Lambert Munz brings you essential real life property management knowledge and experience in this book. If you are a property manager, I highly recommend it! - John Nuzzolese

  • real estate investing, landlord booksFrom the Rat Race to Real Estate by Timothy Spangler
    Why not give yourself more?"
    Are you one of those people who are looking to accomplish more in your life? This book will empower you with the knowledge you need to start your journey in the worls of real estate investing. This book is a must read for anyone who is new to real estate investing.
    Timothy Spangler is the CEO of Spangler Properties, LLC; a successful real estate investment company. He has extensive experience in real estate with rentals, management, financing and tenant relations. He is also a member of The Landlord Protection Agency.

  • A Fools Guide to Landlording A Fool's Guide to Landlording, By Tony and Sandra Midea
    Book Description: You have to be a cold hearted SOB to be a successful landlord. Find out what happens to a naļve, kind hearted couple that entered this shark den with all the right intentions, only to be bloodied and battered by manipulative, devious tenants. Written in a witty, comical tone, the book provides lots of practical, useful advice for people interested in entering this business. However, plenty of warnings are given, as are outright pleas for you to “stay away”. Fully a quarter of the text is devoted to “laugh out loud”, true horror stories that make for a great read, regardless of your interest in rental property.

  • Creating Wealth, By Robert G. Allen
    With Creating Wealth, Robert Allen made a tremendous impact on my life because it reinforced my belief that I can do it. The book is charged with positivity and packed with great ideas. I found it extremely inspirational. Inspirational enough for me to participate in Robert Allen's 1987 Challenge Experience. Great books like this are just as informative and inspiring today as they were 20 years ago. I love this book. - John Nuzzolese

    Nothing Down for the 2000s, By Robert G. Allen
    With more than a million copies in print, Robert Allen's Nothing Down for the '90s has probably helped more people achieve success in real estate than any book in history. Countless numbers of his readers are now financially independent and many actual millionaires attribute their wealth to his techniques. Why has this blockbuster bestseller been so successful? The answer is simple: it works! Now, in one of the most practical books you'll ever read, Robert Allen has created effective new wealth strategies for investing in real estate..

  • "Magic Bullets in Real Estate". by Dan Auito
    What! You haven't read Magic Bullets In Real Estate yet?
    How to get into the real estate game with minimal investment, January 7, 2005 Reviewer:Midwest Book Review (Oregon, WI USA)
    With the volatility of the stock and bond markets in the last few years, and in view of continuing market instability due to a variety of factors ranging from federal deficit spending to the war on terrorism, real estate has become an even more attractive financial investment and/or business enterprise. Magic Bullets In Real Estate: Your Complete Guide To Understanding And Using Real Estate To Your Best Advantage by Dan Auito (a licensed real estate investor and certified appraisal assistant for the past fifteen years) will prove to be an ideal and instructive introduction to how an average person can build wealth and financial security through investing in real estate. Ably written so as to be completely accessible to non-professional general readers, Magic Bullets In Real Estate shows how to get into the real estate game with minimal investment and see immediate results; evaluating property quickly and choose only the best values; how to buy, sell, and lease properties with no real estate commissions or management fees; how to locate hassle-free tenants; how to find and rehabilitate rundown homes in a matter of days; avoiding common traps and pitfalls; preparing for and winning loan approvals; gaining access to large sums of tax-free cash for continued growth; using real estate to retire in style, and so much more. If you want to take a flyer in the real estate market, then give a very careful reading to Dan Auito's Magic Bullets In Real Estate.

    For those of you who are not familiar with Magic Bullets, it is a great website and forum all about real estate investing based on the the bestselling Real Estate Book by Dan Auito, Magic Bullets in Real Estate.

    Dan is a good friend who works hard to encourage other real estate investors to be happy and successful in life though smart real estate investing. He is also the author of some excellent landlord articles on The LPA website. Dan's website, is a wealth of information and tips with one of the best forums I've seen. The Magic Bullets Family Forum is filled with top notch investors, real estate gurus, authors who are just the right people to talk real estate with. If you haven't already, check out and save it as a favorite! - John Nuzzolese, The Landlord Protection Agency

  • Rich Dad Poor Dad
    , and more books By Robert T. Kiyosaki
    I thoroughly enjoyed Rich Dad Poor Dad. What the rich teach their kids about money that the poor and middle class do not!- This is a "must read" for anyone who wants to be a landlord or just be successful in business.
    Robert Kiyosaki has put together a great assortment of wealth building books, tapes, audio CDs and even games all geared to teach young and older people how to use money to work for your wealth. " - John Nuzzolese

  • The Next Step to Waking up the Financial Genius Inside You, by Mark O. Haroldsen
    "I became a millionaire in just four years by following these same, proven formulas that are simple, effective, and are IMMEDIATE! Remember, millionaires are not smarter than you. They probably don't work harder than you. But they do know a proven way to create wealth. And so can you!"

  • Pacific Heights on DVD. Starring Michael Keaton, Matthew Modine and Melanie Griffith
    This Landlord Nightmare is a must see for anyone thinking about becoming a landlord. Michael Keaton shows you what a tenant can do to easily turn your life upside down. See the movie and learn to avoid nightmare tenants!

  • Flipping Properties by William Bronchick
    Bronchick and Dahlstrom, real-estate professionals, teach readers how to recognize and analyze the risks inherent in investing in bargain properties, as well as the profit potential that exists in renovating and reselling such properties for cash.

  • Asset Protection Made E-Z, by Arnold Goldstein
    This all new 2nd edition reveals the little known secrets and strategies guaranteed to protect personal and business assets from any financial disaster. This "bible" of asset protection is packed with hundreds of legal tips on keeping your assets safe from creditors, ex-spouses, bankruptcy, etc.

  • The Courage to Be Rich, By Mark O. Haroldsen
    There are only a small handful of books that I can highly recommend to someone who wants to be successful in real estate investing, and "The Courage to Be Rich" is one of my top choices. It is one of the books I enjoy reading again and again.

    In the book, Mark O. Haroldsen instills the concept of IGDS (I'm going to die someday), driving home the fact that we all are born with a finite number of days in our lives. What we do with those days and the sooner we get started are up to us. The sooner we face that fact and summon up the courage to go after success, the better. Mark introduces in easy to understand terms, what it takes to become a real estate investor and how residential real estate investing is an excellent vehicle toward riches. He tells us about fixer uppers (yuks) and how "Yuks create big bucks".

    Although I first read this book in the 80's, I still enjoy it and recommend it if you are thinking of getting into the real estate investing market.

  • How to Manage Residential Property for Maximum Cash Flow and Resale Value, By John T. Reed
    This book is for owners, property managers, and resident managers. It tells how to maximize your income and resale value, minimize your expenses, and reduce the hassles of residential management. It is practical, street-smart, aggressive, and thorough.

  • The Landlord's Handbook: A Complete Guide to Managing Small Residential Properties, by Daniel Goodwin, Richard Rusdorf
    Named one of the best business books by "Library Journal", "The Landlord's Handbook" is a proven hands-on guide. The authors instruct landlords in the use of active management techniques to maximize their tax deductions and increase their bottom lines.

  • Every Landlord's Legal Guide, by Marcia Stewart
    Anyone who has ever been a landlord knows that the rental business is tightly regulated. As the authors of Every Landlord's Legal Guide point out, "a landlord either knows and follows the law or doesn't stay in business long." This book clearly outlines what the law requires of a landlord and, just as importantly, offers advice on how to be conscientious yet profitable.

  • Multiple Streams of Income, By Robert G. Allen

  • Multiple Streams of Internet Income, By Robert G. Allen
    This book is a goldmine of ideas on how to make money over the internet. Robert Allen walks you through what to do, where to get the tools you need and how to do it. I enjoyed the book and found it quite informative and empowering... - John Nuzzolese

  • The One Minute Millionaire, by Mark Victor Hanson and Robert G. Allen

    Trump: The Art of the Deal
    "I like thinking big. I always have. To me it’s very simple: If you’re going to be thinking anyway, you might as well think big." -Donald J. Trump

    Here is Trump in action—how he runs his organization and how he runs his life—as he meets the people he needs to meet, chats with family and friends, clashes with enemies, and challenges conventional thinking. But even a maverick plays by rules, and Trump has formulated time-tested guidelines for success. He isolates the common elements in his greatest accomplishments; he shatters myths; he names names, spells out the zeros, and fully reveals the deal-maker’s art. And throughout, Trump talks—really talks—about how he does it. Trump: The Art of the Deal is an unguarded look at the mind of a brilliant entrepreneur—the ultimate read for anyone interested in the man behind the spotlight.

  • Think and Grow Rich, By Napoleon Hill
    W. Clement Stone Chairman, Combined International Corporation President, The Napoleon Hill Foundation ...During our ten-year association, I learned the missing number to my combination for worldwide successful achievement. The Master Mind Principle: two or more persons working together in complete harmony toward a mutual goal or goals...

  • The Go Getter, by Peter B. Kyne
    The Go Getter by Peter B. Kyne was first introduced to me as an audio tape from Robert Allen's "Challenge" seminar in 1987. It was fantastic motivation that I still treasure. The story of the blue vase has motivated me and encouraged me in business and life to never give up. It has inspired me to accomplish what some consider impossible tasks with the words "it shall be done" ingrained in my mind.
    About two years ago, my wife found it on and gave it to me for Christmas. Now I share the book and the tape with my children who I hope find it as valuable as I have. - John Nuzzolese,

  • The Greatest Salesman in the World, by Og Mandino
    The Greatest Salesman in the World is a tiny book, and it is a treasure. First published in 1968, Og Mandino's classic remains an invaluable guide to a philosophy of salesmanship. Mandino's clear, simple writing style supports his purpose: to make the principles of sales known to a wide audience.

  • The Greatest Salesman in the World Part II, by Og Mandino
    This is the classic tale of a little camel boy, Hafid, who becomes the greatest salesman in the world through following the principles discovered in ten special scrolls of success.

  • Unlimited Power, by Anthony Robbins
    Book Description
    Anthony Robbins calls it the new science of personal achievement. You'll call it the best thing that ever happened to you. If you have ever dreamed of a better life, Unlimited Power will show you how to achieve the extraordinary quality of life you desire and deserve.

  • The New No Nonsense Landlord, Richard H. Jorgenson
    Book Description To the question "Is it possible to build wealth in today's real estate market?" veteran investor Richard Jorgensen answers with an emphatic "Yes!"

  • Live Your Dreams, By Les Brown
    Les Brown is one of the most successful of the current crop of "motivational speakers," whose self-appointed mission is to convince corporate executives and others they can accomplish unlimited wonders if they only believe they can. -

    I first saw Les Brown on PBS television while he was giving a motivational seminar. I couldn't change the channel. He was so good. So motivating and fun to listen to, I just had to hear every word he had to say.
    When I saw his book, "Live your Dreams" in the bookstore, I knew I had to buy it. It was a great investment.
    The book is entertaining, honest, extremely enlightening and of course, motivational. I enjoy this book so much that I can't recommend it enough. Anyone who wants to go against the odds and be successful in life will need the right motivation and attitude. Les Brown's "Live your Dreams" gives you that much needed boost in moral support. - John Nuzzolese, President of The Landlord Protection Agency.

  • How to Win Friends and Influence People, by Dale Carnegie
    For over 50 years, the rock solid, time tested advice in this book has carried thosands of now famous people up the ladder of success in their business and personal lives.

  • How to Build a Real Estate Money Machine, By Wade Cook

  • The Eviction Book For California, A Handymanual for Scrupulous Landlords and Landladies Who Do Their Own Evictions (8th Ed), by Leigh Robinson

  • Seeds of Geatness, by Denis Waitley

  • The Richest Man in Babylon, by George S. Clayson

  • Landlord's Rights & Duties in Florida, by Mark Warda

  • Landlord's Rights & Duties in California, by John J. Talamo

  • Landlord's Rights & Duties in Texas, by William R. Brown, Mark Warda

  • Landlord's Rights & Duties in New York, by Brette McWhorter Sember, Mark Warda

  • The California Landlord's Law Book: Rights & Responsibilities by David Wayne Brown, Ralph E. Warner, Janet Portman

  • Landlord's Rights and Duties in Florida (Legal Survival Guides)
    by Mark Warda

  • Landlords' Rights and Duties in North Carolina
    by Jacqueline D. Stanley, Mark Warda

  • Landlord and Tenant: Rights and Obligations: A Step-By-Step Guide to Understanding and Creating a Residential Rental Agreement
    by Lawpak Incorporated (Editor), Inc. Lawpak

  • Landlord/Tenant Rights in Washington
    by Sidney J. Strong

  • Arizona Rental Rights : A Guide Book for Tenants, Landlords, and Mobile Home Users
    by David A. Peterson, Andrew M. Hull

  • Landlords' Rights & Duties in Pennsylvania
    by Gerald S. Gaetano, Mark Warda, Desiree A. Petrus

  • Hawaii Renter's Rights: What Every Residential Renter Needs to Know About Hawaii Landlord-Tenant Law
    by Alvin T Ito, Alvin T. Ito

  • Landlords' Rights and Duties in Illinois
    by Diana Brodman Summers, Mark Warda

  • Landlord/Tenant Rights in Florida: What You Need to Know (Self Counsel Legal Series)
    by William D. Clark

  • How to Make It When You're Cash Poor, By Hollis Norton

  • Entrepreneurs: The Men and Women Behind the Famous Brand Names and How They Made It, By Joseph J. Fucini & Suzie Fucini

  • Being the Best, By Denis Waitley

  • You Can Get Anything You Want but You have to Ask, By Roger Dawson

    2 Years to a Million in Real Estate by Matt Martinez
    "This is the success story of an ex-dot-com employee who got tired of working long hours at a great job for 10 years and watching his fellow workers lose their jobs. He accidentally discovered real estate's market-value appreciation, leverage, tax savings, cash flow, reliability and freedom from a 9-to-5 workday. In the process, he became a multimillionaire, and he shows readers how they can have the same result."- (Bruss, Robert J. San Francisco Chronicle. )

    Investing in Apartment Buildings -Reliable-Long-Term by Matt Martinez
    This title has not yet been released. You may pre-order it now and we will deliver it to you when it arrives. Ships from and sold by Gift-wrap available.

    The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Dr. Steven Covey

  • Effective Real Estate Investing, By Robert Bruss

  • How to Wake Up the Financial Genius in You, By Mark O. Haroldsen

  • How I Turned $1,000 into Five Million in my spare time, by William Nickerson

  • How to Manage Real Estate Successfully in Your Spare Time, by Albert J. Lowry

  • Rental Houses for the Successful Small Investor, By Suzanne Thomas

  • Landlord-Tenant Rights in British Columbia

  • Landlord-Tenant Rights in British Columbia: Canadian Edition

  • Landlord/tenant rights in Alberta

  • Landlord / tenant rights in Ontario

  • Landlord's Rights & Duties in Massachusetts: With Forms (Take the Law into Your Own Hands)

  • Super Tenant: New York City Tenant Handbook: Your Legal Rights and How to Use Them

  • And Many, many more

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