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The LPA Newsletter - Avoid These Landlord Faux Pas

The LPA Newsletter January 13, 2015

Dear Fellow Landlord,

As you probably know, I hear from a lot of landlords and try to help them through challenges they may be facing. It's possible that you and I have already spoken on the phone about certain issues you are dealing with, but sometimes I have to admit it can be painful (empathetically) when a landlord is creating his own problems by doing all the wrong things. Even more painful if they don't want to listen to me!

Here are 4 Landlord Faux Pas to avoid!

In this newsletter:

  • 4 Landlord Faux Pas to Avoid
  • Free Winter Safety Form
  • Ask the Eviction Attorney
  • Community Buying Group Discounts on Building Materials and Supplies for landlords

Please e-mail us if you have any questions or would like to add or share any material / information. Have a great month and an even more successful year ahead.
John Nuzzolese

"Just one small tenant problem avoided can be priceless!"


4 Landlord Faux Pas to Avoid

1. Don't negotiate your rental price or terms before meeting and screening the prospective tenant.
It's something we've all done at one time or another and have lived to regret it. In the vast majority of instances, the tenant who starts negotiating on your rental before even seeing it, is very rarely qualified financially to rent from you.
Often, landlords may allow the tenant prospect to negotiate during the viewing of the rental. The tenant may criticize the property and point out improvements he or she wants done if they were to take the rental.
Landlords sometimes give away too much and make promises in the heat of the moment because they are afraid of losing what seems like a great tenant, only to learn after the screening that the tenant wasn't so great after all and regret some of those promises.

2. Never promise the rental to anyone without a deposit and an approved screened rental application.
Sounds crazy, right? It happens all the time! That brings me to number 3...

3. Don't rent to friends or relatives.
Those of you who have done this know what I'm talking about. How are you supposed to handle business when you can't have a business relationship. A landlord mentor of mine, Nick Koon used to say when asked by a friend who wanted to rent from him,
"Do you want to continue to be my friend or do you want to be my tenant?"
His point was that you cannot have both if you are going to handle your rentals as a business.

4. Never allow a tenant to call your bluff.
It is important for your rent to be paid on time and stay on top of your late paying tenants with late notices and enforce late fees. I am amazed at how many landlords skip the late notice and serve a Pay Rent or Quit Notice. These are no-nonsense landlords, right? WRONG! They think they are, right up until the Pay or Quit Notice period expires and the tenant doesn't pay. Then they get really mad and serve ANOTHER Pay Rent or Quit Notice with another 3 or 5 days to cure depending on the state.
Don't serve a Pay Rent or Quit unless you really mean to back up your threat of eviction at the end of that cure period. If you don't follow through, the tenants will laugh at you and your bluff will have been called!

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Snow Removal Snow and Ice Notice & Reminder
Your lease agreement may say your tenants are responsible to keep the walkways safe and free of snow and ice. Tenants sometimes forget. Sometimes they are just too lazy! It helps to have a Snow and Ice Notice & Reminder to urge tenants to stick to their agreement and keep the premises safe in winter weather.


Ask the Attorney

The Landlord Protection AgencyThe Landlord Protection Agency® presents John Reno, Esq., a highly experienced Landlord - Tenant attorney based on Long Island, NY.

John Reno also does Mortgage Loan Modifications (Nationwide).
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Dear Mr. Reno:
I wanted to run something by you to see how you would handle the situation.
I include a final section at the end of your lease that is in the SC Code of Laws #27-40-710 that informs the tenant that it is the only notice they will receive prior to eviction process if rent goes unpaid after five days. I also have them initial it. I have never used it as I don't like the legal system and have never evicted anyone.

This is my issue with a tenant: rent due on 1st. December check NSF and took until the 28th to get payment. 1st payment in the one year he has occupied unit that bounced. Waited last two Friday's for promise of getting account straight for January and meet for cash payment but of course he will not reply to any message since noon today.. On Jan.4th, I gave a Notice of late rent but not a specific Three Day Notice.

With neglect by him with this mobile home (among other things-a couple of screens pulling apart, exterior door damage, carpet filthy, trash strewn all about outside even after verbal and now written 3 day lease violation notice). I would rather he just move out ---

If he hasn't paid his rent, would it be best to give a 30 notice of non-renewal? He doesn't care about notice to pay or quit. (Served that last month and he just took an extra week to pay)
If I do the 30 day non-renewal with him not having rent paid, do I have to give him until the end of next month (Feb) since it is already the 9th? Plus there aren't 30 days in Feb. I will send it certified and regular mail. I can also post on door but when exactly would time start? I am sure that when I serve it, he will not pay anything more.

Just trying options without eviction process and him trashing the place any further as if he leaves, I know he will not clean up and will leave me a ton of work in which his $800 deposit won't cover along with lost rent.

Not sure you can help me but was hoping for a little insight of your thoughts. I don't normally let anyone go like this but we all go through it at some point.
Thank you and sorry this is so long.

A: Ask him to leave 2/28/15 but serve notice prior to 1/28/15.

If you have a landlord tenant problem you'd like to ask a question about, please feel free to e-mail me your question.
Submit a landlord / tenant question for Mr. Reno
Please try to keep your questions as short and to the point as possible.

Read more from John Reno, Eviction Attorney


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