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Pre-Screening Tenants - 5 Safe Ways

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The Safest Way to Pre-Screen Prospective Tenants

1. FREE LPA Prospect Pre-Screening Card
With HTML Code for your Internet Ad

I recently began using a basic little chart on my internet rental ads that has made quite a difference in setting up appointments. I used to advertise in local newspapers, and spend thousands on rental ads, but websites like Craigslist and The LPA Rentals Available section have been a helpful way to save advertising dollars!

Just imagine receiving e-mails from prospective tenants with the pre-screening information you want before even talking to them. (With Craigslist, the customer doesn't even have to see your real e-mail address or phone number!) Call prospective tenants to set up appointments only if they meet your pre-screening qualifications! It has never been easier. It saves time, advertising money and helps you zero in on the tenant you're looking for...

Click to for your Free HTML code and also Free Download of the printable Prospect Card

2. Tenant-Finder™ Pre-Screening Telephone Worksheet
"It is far better to have no tenant than to have a bad tenant."

I've been asked many times to create a new form to help landlords ask the right questions on the telephone to help determine if the caller is someone you'd like to set an appointment to show your rental to. The LPA's new Tenant-Finder™ Pre-Screening Telephone Worksheet has developed from a simple prospect card into a handy and more complete screening tool for telephone interviews.

Free Download for LPA Newsletter subscribers.

Tenant Finder™ Pre-Screening Telephone Worksheet

Tenant FinderTenant Finder™ Pre-Screening Telephone Worksheet

Have you ever met prospective tenants at your rental property, shown it to them, had them fill out a rental application only to find that they were nowhere near qualified? A simple pre-screening telephone interview can be a major time saver. Why not focus your attention on the most qualified prospects?

Before giving out the address of your rental property and committing your time to a doomed appointment with an unqualified renter, you have a chance to more carefully evaluate which prospects are worth meeting with....

Click for more about the Tenant Finder™ Pre-Screening Telephone Worksheet

3. Tenant-Finder™ Chart
Take the Stress Out of the Decision.
Score Prospects by Their Point Value

Score your Tenant-Finder™ Worksheet to help you evaluate the prospective applicant. Before making an appointment to show your property to an applicant, examine your findings. The LPA Tenant-Finder™ Prospect Qualifying Chart will help you determine a more accurate score for each applicant.

The Tenant-Finder™ Prospect Qualifying Chart helps you break down the evaluation of a rental prospect into five main categories....

More about the Tenant Finder™ Chart

Rental Application form of The Landlord Protection Agency4. When you have completed your Pre-Screening process....
and you feel the tenant has passed your requirements....
and you have shown the property to the tenant....
It is time for...
The LPA Rental Application
The LPA Rental Application has eliminated many tenant problems by helping us to do a better job screening the applicant. Qualified tenants are more than happy to fill out the form and show you how wonderful they are. Find out as much pertinent information on your rental applicants as you can before entering into any lease or rental agreement.

Some of the items contained in this rental application are:

  • Authorization to obtain a copy of tenant's credit report(s) and verify any information given. We need this because it is illegal to pull a credit report without the tenant's written authorization according to the FCRA (Fair Credit Reporting Act).

  • Deposit Not Refundable, unless applicant is rejected. Deposit receipt and rental offer form is included in this rental application. (Applicants may not get their deposit back if they decide to change their mind.)

  • Includes Non-refundable screening fee agreement. The prospective tenant pays a screening fee when the rental application is submitted to you. This fee covers you for the cost of checking references and running credit reports!

    Click for more about The LPA Rental Application

    5. Tenant Screening Credit Report

    Only after successfully verifying the reference information on a complete rental application, should you proceed to ordering a credit report on the tenant. The credit report will confirm a good tenant's payment history and employment as listed with the credit bureaus.

    Click for Credit Reports

    tenant screening credit reports, credit reporting form Experian, TransUnion, Equifax credit bureaus

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