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Landlord's Corner Radio Show
with John & Jeanne Nuzzolese

We hope you enjoy the radio show all about landlord protection!
Airs Saturdays 6PM Est. on WJBX SW Florida 101.5 FM

Please feel free to comment, make suggestions or ask questions at

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    Listen to the latest Recorded Podcast here


    Never Get Stuck With a Bad Tenant Again!

    Rental Flow Chart - 10 Steps from Pre-screening to Lease Signing

    Rental Flow Chart, Prescreening to lease signing

    One common question I am asked is, "Do you have a step by step breakdown of the steps for proper tenant screening?"

    Well, here it is!
    If you follow the steps in my flowchart, you will greatly increase your chances to Never get stuck with a bad tenant again!
    It will walk you by the hand from the moment you place your internet ad or newspaper rental ad through the step by step meeting, showing and tenant screening process right up to the lease signing.

    The flowchart bubbles are clickable to pages with more detailed information and links for that stage of the process.
    I hope you like it! - John

    This landlord flow chart is a simple guide to take you through the steps from first contact with a tenant to signing a rental agreement.

    10 step rental flowchart Rental Flow Chart: From Pre-screening to Lease Signing


    The Pre-Screening Prospect Card


    enforce your lease. Collect your late charges.Free Pre-Screening Prospect Card

    "I began using a basic little chart on my internet rental ads that have made quite a difference in setting up appointments. I used to advertise in local newspapers, and spend thousands on rental ads, but websites like Craigslist and The LPA Rentals Available section have been a helpful way to save advertising dollars!" - John Nuzzolese

    "Don't you hate wasting your valuable time with unqualified shoppers?"


    Special LPA Membership with Seminar Package and Bonuses

    Landlord books, audio disks and forms disk

    Special Products

  • Collect Back Rent Special Package(s)

    I just have to say, I feel sorry for any tenants who owe Cynthia and Gary Schmidt unpaid rent, because she and Gary have developed a fantastic system of collecting back rent in all states. You may have heard me talk about it before, or maybe you attended one of the webinars I participated in, but this system is so powerful that she even had tenants arrested for not cooperating with the court process! Then those deadbeats came up with the money pretty fast! I'm happy to announce that Cynthia and Gary have provided their awesome product here for our LPA landlords at a special price! - John Nuzzolese,

    Includes these amazing components:

    1. Collect Back Rent Manual (1)- Evictions & Small Claims Procedures.
    2. Collect Back Rent Overview Manual (2)
    3. Collect Back Rent DVDs (2)- Filmed workshop of the Eviction & Small Claims Procedures.
    4. One State Version- State specific procedures, forms and flowchart. Gary & Cynthia have written a version for all 50 states.
    5. Judgment Assignment Manual - Learn how to be assigned other creditor's judgments to collect. This is a great way to make money!

  • Larry Harbolt Special Package(s)

    Larry Harbolt is a real estate investor and national real estate speaker and a published author of numerous real estate home study courses and How-to-Articles. A former plumber/pipefitter and residential builder with over twenty-five years’ experience buying and selling single family and multiple family real estate.
    Larry has one of the most comprehensive and complete buying systems available today for the entry level investor as well as the more advanced investor. His unique approach to buying houses provides his students with a proven systematic step-by-step procedure that includes many creative buying techniques and investor secrets few people know about. Larry teaches the inner workings of his system along with his personal buying strategies that help his students buy houses using none of their own money or credit.


    Free Gift from Mike Butler

    Free Special Report from Mike Butler
    I enjoyed doing the radio show with Mike and am looking forward to our upcoming Landlord Webinar! - John Nuzzolese,

    More webinar info will soon be available at or Landlord Webinars page.


    Special FREE GIFT from Jim Ingersoll !

    FREE Flipping Houses Swipe File!


    Anthony Chara
    Learn How to Invest in Apartments Like a Pro and Make Massive Cash Flow

    Pick up Anthony Chara's 1-Day Webinar Video Workshop on Apartment/Multi-Unit Investing!

    Over 6 hours of video in webinar format including 2 hours showing you how I analyze and make adjustments to 5 individual properties. Video also includes detailed explanations on the Advantages and Disadvantages of Apartment investing, differences between Apts. and SFH's, Key Terms investors need to understand and practice exercises to teach and reinforce key calculations you must know about Apts.

    $297 ONLY $77.00 for Landlord's Corner or LPA visitors!

    Please charge my credit card and send me Anthony Chara's 1-Day Webinar Video Workshop on Apartment/Multi-Unit Investing for ONLY $77.00

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