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Landlord Newsletter Move Out and Clean Up

The LPA Newsletter
April 2006

Dear Fellow Landlord,

Why do some tenants feel comfortable leaving a mess when they move out? Is it because they weren't told how to insure the return of their security deposit? Sometimes. In this month's newsletter, I've included a short article to help prevent a mess when tenants move out.

Please e-mail us if you have any questions or would like to add or share any material / information. Have a great month.
John Nuzzolese


What Do I do when the tenant leaves a lot of junk in my rental after moving out?

After a tenant moves out, the rental is supposed to be returned to the landlord in clean and undamaged condition. That means all the tenants belongings and debris, junk and large items are gone from the premises.

BUT, we are in the Landlord Business. In this business, things don't always go as planned. Tenants don't always honor their word, their signature, and they don't always clean out the place on the way out.

Leaving the rental a mess or leaving the tenant's discarded items is NOT acceptable. The charge for clean up and removal of items from the property should be billed to the tenant and added to any balance owed on the tenant's account. These charges are normally added to the Security Settlement Statement and deducted from the tenant's security deposit.

Sending a pre-moveout letter of instructions to the tenants in the weeks before they vacate has greatly improved the performance of tenants in returning the rental property as it should be: Clean and Free of debris.

This has proven to be a landlord's clean-up helper. Get the tenant on the job before he movesMove Out Clean Up & Debris Letter
Have you ever wondered if the tenants would have done a better job vacating if you gave them specific instructions? Much like the LPA Move Out Reminder Letter, this reminds the tenants to not wait until their last day of tenancy to put out garbage and debris. They are urged avoid clean up charges and deductions from their security deposit and to make arrangements as soon as possible to get rid of their unwanted items, rather than leave them behind in or around the property.


Landlord Tips

I've found that tenants need to be reminded of a few things in their lease agreement before they give notice to move out. That's why I provide them with a pre-written Notice of Intention to Vacate form. All they have to do is sign it for them to give official notice they will be vacating according to the terms agreed in the lease.

The Tenant's Notice of Intention to Vacate re-affirms the tenant's agrement to give the proper amount of notice time to the landlord along with full cooperation for showing the property for re-rental or sale. It includes a place for the tenant to give his forwarding address in order to receive any security refund.

It is an excellent way to help reinforce proper move-out procedure. We always staple a copy of this notice to the back of the tenant's lease to be used when the time comes for the tenant to give notice to vacate.

Informs the landlord of the tenant's intention to vacate while instructing the tenant of the proper procedureThe Tenant's Notice of Intention to Vacate

The Eviction Ramifications Notice is an effective wake-up call for some tenants.

Sometimes your tenant doesn't really grasp the consequenses of a full blown eviction. It helps to have a letter that explains the immediate and future drawbacks to the tenant caused by the process of eviction and it's aftermath.

Gives the tenant reasons to avoid the eviction processThe Eviction Ramifications Notice


Tenant Excuses

"I lent the rent to my brother who had an emergency. He'll have it back to me in just a few days."

I happen to know her brother is a drug addict always in and out of jail. I'll give it 7 days and then start eviction. - Mogee W., Los Angeles, CA

"I got a great deal on this widescreen TV. I got you one too. I had to take yours off the rent, though 'cause I didn't have enough cash."

I don't watch TV. I want the rent now! - Jeff R. in Kentucky

"I just had oral surgery. The rent is the last thing on my mind."

It will be the first thing on your mind when you get your late fee notice! - Violet B., Toms River, NJ



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A Way of Being
- Gary Link, Attorney at Law

"How much did your last tenant problem cost you?"
- John Nuzzolese


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