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Tenant Excuse of the Day Page 4

Page 4:
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The LPA selects the most original excuses made by tenants to their landlords. If you have an interesting or funny story about your tenant's excuse for not paying rent, we'd love to hear it!
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Excuse of the Day for 6/4/09:

"I lost my job." ( again) and "You have no right to talk to me that way." When asked about the $80,000. divorce settlement she bragged about recieving, the fine 'woe is me' tenant then agreed to vacate but now has pending charges for stealing the laundry equipment........ J. Walter, Berlin, MD

Excuse of the Day for 5/26/09:

"My dog ate it." Feels like I'm back in school. - Bonnie (Pa)

Excuse of the Day for 5/23/09:

"The swine flu freaked me out so much, I forgot to send you the rent check." Bob Shumway, Rockford, Illinois

Excuse of the Day for 5/22/09:

"I have plenty of money to pay rent but my husband has to pay it because he's the man and has to take care of his babies." I'm sorry but your name is on the Lease, and your lazy, jobless, excuse-after-excuse-giving estranged husband's is not. (They were separated when she signed; however, he did stop by for the night "to visit" every couple of weeks...but that's a whole other issue). - Michael, Utah

Excuse of the Day for 5/18/09:

"I'm a good tenant, because I've never NOT paid". But, she's late every single month for some wonderful reason. - Jude, KY

Excuse of the Day for 5/15/09:

"Can I skip this month and sign a 2 year lease? I am buying a truck from a guy that got a DWI and he needs the money now..." Answer is: would you like it if your boss said he would pay you for this month, but it would be next year?!!! I am not your parent! - Eleanor from TX

Excuse of the Day for 5/14/09:

"We had a family emergency and the rent check I gave you for this month MAY bounce". I believe the "family emergency" may involve the purchase of a new swimming pool that showed up in the backyard as of this morning (another “no no”). Gail Georgia

Excuse of the Day for 5/11/09:

"We all have the flu. We're not sure if it's Swine flu, and we like you so much we didn't want to give it to you, so we didn't pay the rent." -Charlotte B., WA

Excuse of the Day for 5/8/09:

"I don't have time for this-- We are going to see the new STAR TREK movie. We'll worry about the rent another time." And he hung up on me. I was going to see the movie too. Maybe I should sit next to him in the theater and hand him his Notice to Vacate. - Daniel J., CO

Excuse of the Day for 5/7/09:

"Our A/C is blowing hot! We will hold the rent until you fix it."
A. they supplied their own window air conditioners
B. I gave them an "Urgent LAte Notice". She was stunned. They called last night and apologized and asked if they brought over the rent, would i waive the late fee. I said "Just this once." Thank you TheLPA! - Bernadette, Cape Coral, FL

Excuse of the Day for 5/2/09:

"It is SINFUL how money hungry you are! Our last landlord was THANKFUL we paid every 27th of the month!" Oh yeah. I finally tracked down her last landlord. He evicted her! - Faith R., Levittown, NY

Excuse of the Day for 4/29/09:

"Death in the family had to use some of the rent money. Rent will be a week late."... A week later husband called, "I was going to the store to get my money order for the rent but somehow lost my money along the way." - Sandra W. LA

Excuse of the Day for 4/27/09:

"Don't worry. You know I always come up with it. Besides what are you going to do- evict me?" Yes. The rent is due at the beginning of the month, not the end. - George B., Western NY

Excuse of the Day for 4/25/09:

"We sent you the check but misplaced the Tracking Number.. I am going to the bank to see if someone has cashed the cashiers check today!!!!" This all started 7 days ago which they were already 15 days late with the rent already.. Now they are 24days late still no RENT!!! Susan, from MI

Excuse of the Day for 4/22/09:

"Bill's printer is out of toner, so he wasn't able to print the rent check." I am insisting on a late fee this time! - Patti M., VT

Excuse of the Day for 4/17/09:

"How can you expect me to pay rent for this pigsty?! There is mold in the bathroom." It was clean and like new when they moved in. They are dirty people and do not clean. Of course the 1 year old bathroom tiles have mildew. I was skeeved just looking at that filthy bathroom and they take showers in that dirty tub WITH BARE FEET! - Tom, OH

Excuse of the Day for 4/11/09:

"I just found out my husband is a homosexual. I don't know what he's been doing with our money!" Too much information! Just pay me my rent. That is all I want. Please. - Chris, AZ

Excuse of the Day for 4/8/09:

"I was riding my bike over to pay the rent and someone came up from behind me and hit me on my head. When I woke up my money was gone and there were police & ambulance & people all around. I spent three days in the hospital, I have cuts and bruises all over my head". So I drove over to the house and knocked on the door. She was fine, she just didn't have the money and wasn't going to have it for a long time. Can you say Eviction?
Sure you can..... - Ken, Sierra Vista, Arizona

Excuse of the Day for 4/6/09:

"I wanna renegotiate our lease. MY sister is in real estate and she says I'm paying too much." Sorry the lease stands. So does the late fee. Ask your sister if you can stay with her after you are evicted. - Jack Klein, NY

Excuse of the Day for 4/3/09:

"The doc says NO STRESS. We don't have it. We'll pay it when we have it!" I said I'm sorry that's not good enough for my bank. Here's your NOTICE to PAY or Quit. - Alex J., Olympia, WA

Excuse of the Day for 3/28/09:

"My Dad said he was going to pay the rent for me this month for my birthday. What? You didn't get it yet?" I called the father to verify the story. Luckily the embarrassed dad didn't argue much about the late fee. - Michael C., Kansas

Excuse of the Day for 3/26/09:

Rent due Jan. 1, 2009: "Can't pay the rent, I used the rent money to help my son with his wedding on 12/06/08." - What about your wife? "She will not pay the rent because she says the signature on the lease not hers." By the way, there was no wedding. - ED New Bern, NC

Excuse of the Day for 3/22/09:

"We're not paying till you get rid of the mouse problem." I'm glad the LPA Lease says the tenants are responsible for pests! Turns out they set a mouse trap and killed their kid's loose pet hamster which they thought was a mouse when they glimpsed it a week before. Ha ha! - June G., MA

Excuse of the Day for 3/17/09:

"We just can't pay anymore. We have to move because we can't afford it." The lease doesn't expire till June and I only get 2 weeks notice? If their word isn't good on their lease, how can we be sure they will leave in 2 weeks? - Steve, NY

Excuse of the Day for 3/13/09:

"I am not working, so call my husband to see when he can pay." Well you're name is on the lease too, you are just as obligated, and you live in the same house with you're husband. He never answered the phone. - Lola Phoenix, AZ

Excuse of the Day for 3/8/09:

"Use our security deposit for this month or go ahead and evict us. We don't have the money. My husband is out of work." Well, I guess I'll have to evict them because they've lied to me in the past, and I don't know if I can count on them to leave when they say they will. - Rocco, NY

Excuse of the Day for 3/5/09:

"Come see what I did for you. You won't want the rent when you see this!" Oh my God! She painted everything fire engine red --- glossy! All my beautiful crown moldings and wood work. Her deposit will never be enough to restore it. - Louis, Tustin, CA

Excuse of the Day for 3/2/09:

"It is so hard to get the rent together every month! I have so many expenses." I asked what expenses. They were mainly the bar every night, lap dances, pay per view movies, take out food and hookers. He's got to go. I gave a termination notice. - Antonella, NJ

Excuse of the Day for 2/26/09:

"Didn't you get my message? I was out of town on business and was in the hospital." Well I never got any messages and after 3 weeks with no answer or any word from the tenant, she lost in court by default. Now I can take it to the sheriff and have her kicked out if she doesn't come up with every dime she owes me. BTW: She wasn't really in the hospital. - Nicole S., Shirley, NY

Excuse of the Day for 2/23/09:

"You're going to evict me anyway so how am I suppose to pay you and have enough money to pay for another place? When I went to collect the rent and the tenant didn't have it. My reply was yes you are being evicted but you still have to pay rent. Needless to say we are in process now. Bad part she lives 2 doors away. - Marcia - Saint Petersburg, Fla

Excuse of the Day for 2/21/09:

"I told you the funds were not available but you had to go cash it anyway." My tenant blames me for cashing HIS late rent check that bounced! He's no longer living in my house. - Lisa, Swansboro NC

Excuse of the Day for 2/19/09:

"I was in the hospital because I fell off YOUR roof when I SHOULD have asked YOU to fix the leak!" Yes, he should have asked me (if there really was a leak I feel bad- I can't find any evidence of one). He is mad because I still gave him an Urgent Late Notice. - Stan S., NJ

Excuse of the Day for 2/11/09:

"How can you expect to get your rent on time in this economy?" I asked if he lost his job or had to take a pay cut. He said no and I gave him his pay rent or quit notice. - Jim in GA

Excuse of the Day for 2/10/09:

"The house was struck by lightning and we haven't had electric all week. The rent will have to wait." I went to the house to see if there was any damage and everything is fine. The electricity is working. When I asked the tenant what she was talking about, I was informed that she was talking about her mother's house where she was visiting in the next town. I said "What does that have to do with my rent? She said, "Nothing. I'm just telling you what happened." - We're due in court next week. - Antonia, NY

Excuse of the Day for 1/31/09:

"I had to fix one of your radiators. I'm not even charging you labor." This after he told our repairman not to come over. I doubt the repair would have been half a month rent! - Sam M., NJ

Excuse of the Day for 1/26/09:

"My husband got some new tattoos that got infected so he's missed work and lost his job. The tats weren't cheap y'know, and now he's gotta get a new job! Whatd'ya want from us???" Let's start with the rent, and then the late fee. I can't lose my property because of tattoos! - Louis, Tustin, CA

Excuse of the Day for 1/23/09:

"I spent all my rent money on Christmas gift for my kids". (Apparently the roof over their head isn't that important.) Nick in Bushwick, Brooklyn, NY

Excuse of the Day for 1/22/09:

"I lost my job because you (the landlord) is always texting me regarding the (7 months) rent I owe." Glad this idiot was evicted and locked out of his apt for a week. - JP (Bushwick, Brooklyn)

Excuse of the Day for 1/12/09:

"We all had food poisoning the last 2 weeks. Don't come near us. I'll have the rent to you by the 15th." Food poisoning is not contagious! Just admit you don't have the money. - Skip, NY

Excuse of the Day for 1/2/09:

"We're not there anymore. My loser husband abandoned me last week so I moved out too." Hey moron, you have a lease til June! - Shawn, S.C.

Excuse of the Day for 12/28/08:

"My mom and I both are without cars, and can't make it to the bank." How are you AND your mom both without a car?!?!?!? This is the 26th of the month, rent was due by the 5th. That means that you could not find a ride to the bank for the last 21 days? But you were able to find a ride to the mall to do Christmas shopping!! GET OUT MY HOUSE!! - L. Stewart, AL

Excuse of the Day for 12/26/08:

"I’m real sorry my tooth got infected and I had to miss a few days of work" This delightful pair has played the sympathy card like a violin. I suspect the rent money is going into the casinos. They purposely asked if the late fee would apply……….I didn’t cave in this time, $25.00 extra. My “nice guy” days are over. - John R-Billings, MT

Excuse of the Day for 12/12/08:

"The school messed up our checks again !" Two university scholarship football players who are continually late with their rent. Unfortunately, my rental house is in close vicinity to 4 strip clubs. I suspect my rent is being tucked into the g-strings of misadventure. Randall -Louisville, KY

Excuse of the Day for 12/10/08:

"I've been making you coffee for years and you can't cut me any slack?." She invites me in for a cup of coffee every month when I am collecting rents. I don't think I will accept the free coffee any more if it comes at a price! It is always late anyway, but now I think I will have to be more professional.- Maryann

Excuse of the Day for 12/6/08:

"My fiance was hit by a car and has been in the hospital for ten days." He was actually in jail for drug possession. I threatened them and they called the sherriff. I was told to stay away from the property or they could have me arrested for tresspassing,WHAT?They did vacate the property three weeks later after trashing the house and stealing everything that wasn't nailed down in the garage and my storage unit. They even stole the gates off the horse corrals. - John K. , Washington

Excuse of the Day for 12/2/08:

"My son won't clean up his room, he won't pay his room & board, he won't do any of his chores. I had to pay a lawyer to get him out. So I am short on the rent." And I thought these people had their act together. Hmmm. - Barbara J., Bronx, NY

Excuse of the Day for 12/1/08:

"I don't have all the rent because I just signed a lease with a new owner. I paid them already for this month." - Ann in Florida

Excuse of the Day for 11/24/08:

"Bad Economy" I can't believe this one-coming from a client who is on Section 8, has had the same job for three years at the same rate of pay. Not only did she earn more than enough to cover her $660 monthly portion of her $1495 rent but Section 8 actually reduced her share to $600. One month after the adjustment she has the nerve to tell me that the economy is bad so she can't make her lower payment on time. Her Section 8 advisor will be happy to hear about this one. - Sky in Los Angeles.

Excuse of the Day for 11/23/08:

"Go ahead. Evict me. I know the drill. By the time you get me out, I'll have saved enough to move anyway." I should have checked him out better. Live and learn. - Jose, Texas

Excuse of the Day for 11/21/08:

"My husband has been having chest pains and we don't want to upset him. I'll call you about the rent in the next week or so." Take him to the hospital. His pains might get worse when he sees the late fee notice. - Stan the man in Ronkonkoma, NY

Excuse of the Day for 11/16/08:

"We put a deposit on another place. If we don't get accepted, we'll stay. Then I'll pay you." The only way they'll be accepted is if they lie on the application and/or if the landlord is a dumb as I was! - Tina in San Diego

Excuse of the Day for 11/13/08:

"Well EXCUUUUSE ME. I don't have the rent on time. I'm SOR -- RRY!" It's OK. She can pay the late fee. Again. - Wilton Overstreet, IL

Excuse of the Day for 11/10/08:

"I was on vacation most of the month so I wasn't even there. Why should I pay the whole month if I didn't even use the place?" Well your stuff used the place and your lease agreements ays you are renting the house for a year. You don't need to be there to still be renting. Pay up or get out! Idiots! - Maureen L., Reading, PA

Excuse of the Day for 11/9/08:

"We have to adjust the rent with the market. the current rent value for this place has gone way down so we have to re-negotiate the lease." The rent is reasonable and the 1 year lease only started 2 months ago. This lawyer in training is going to get some practice in eviction court. - Sarah O., CO

Excuse of the Day for 11/8/08:

Pool table with NO BALLS"The contractor called to reschedule the window job! Maybe if I hold back the rent, you set a fire under his @$$." The current windows aren't even bad. No good deed goes unpunished. I am contacting Mr Reno the eviction attorney if they give me any more problems! - Denise, S. Merrick, NY

Excuse of the Day for 11/2/08:

"I thought the first month with a new landlord was free." We even sent her an introductory letter with a reminder of when the rent is due, the new address to which to mail her checks, and even provided pre-addressed envelopes. How stupid does she think we are? - Keith Whitt Rental Properties, Cleveland, TN

Excuse of the Day for 10/31/08:

"My duck was injured in the basement when his wing got caught on the oil burner. The vet bill has delayed my rent. Sorry." Doesn't NO PETS include ducks?. - Dean, OH

Excuse of the Day for 10/29/08:

"Turn around and get back in your car. I'll pay the rent when I'm good and ready. Don't come back here no more if you know what's good for you." This is what I get for accepting a personal referral. Never again. - Arnie, OR

Excuse of the Day for 10/28/08:

"My credit card was cancelled, so I can't pay the rent anymore. Can you lower the rent for me just till I get back on my feet?" - Tom in Indiana

Excuse of the Day for 10/24/08:

Pool table with NO BALLS"I just discovered the pool table doesn't have any balls. One of the reasons I took this place was to play pool. I'll have your rent when you come by with the balls." Although it is a furnished rental, I didn't mention the pool table or the balls in the lease. I'll get the balls, but I don't think that is a valid reason to hold back the rent! - Austin, Miami, FL

Excuse of the Day for 10/23/08:

"The kitchen sink is clogged. This house needs new pipes." Under the lease, the tenant is responsible for ALL PLUMBING STOPPAGES. If they would stop dumping grease and vegetables into the kitchen sink drain (they don't realize we don't have a garbage disposal), we wouldn't be constantly having this problem. - Lydia K., NY

Excuse of the Day for 10/19/08:

"Billy got into some trouble at school. I had to pay a fine. I will have the rest of the rent for you next Friday." - Kris, PA

Excuse of the Day for 10/18/08:

"Don't blame me. It's the economy." Well I guess you can blame the economy for throwing you out of my house. - Wilton O., IL

Excuse of the Day for 10/15/08:

"The people upstairs said they were behind six months last year and it wasn't a problem. We're only a month behind. Why are you giving US a hard time?." Just because we had a bad situation with one tenant doesn't mean we will allow it to happen again. My lawyer now has the papers ready for court. - Eddie Wilson, Kansas City, MO

Excuse of the Day for 10/14/08:

"I wrote the check out on time, I just didn't mail it." The delivery is key to getting your rent paid. - Walter H.. Colorado

Excuse of the Day for 10/8/08:

"I lost my wallet by the dumpster. You didn't happen to see it there did you?" This comes from a tenant who is always late with the rent; the last excuse was that his boss left the state with the payroll & no one knew where he was. - Karen, Jewett, NY

Excuse of the Day for 10/6/08:

"I had to quit my job because I couldn't find childcare. They won't let me get free childcare unless I have a job, and I can't get a job unless I have free childcare. - Celeste, Casper, WY

Excuse of the Day for 10/4/08:

"My lawyer advised me not to pay the rent until you fix the water." We checked the water-no problem found... and then called her lawyer who said he did not represent her. - Michael Pagano, Atlantic Cty, NJ

Excuse of the Day for 9/27/08:

"I'm on the west coast. I won't be able to give you a new check until I get back next week." - I won't accept checks from her anymore. Only postal money orders or bank certified. Next week we're into a new month. Let's see if she has both months. - Suzanne M., Ronkonkoma, NY

Excuse of the Day for 9/25/08:

"I'm sorry, but it must be a mistake at the bank." - No, the mistake is that she wrote a rubber check. I should have known something was wrong when she dropped off the check on the 5th. She's never paid that early before. Bouncing the check bought her almost 3 weeks time. She'll have to pay late fees and bounced check charges now or be evicted. - Nicole, NY

Excuse of the Day for 9/19/08:

"Every month I had the rent money, but my wife kept stealing most of it from my wallet and from all my hiding places so I kept coming up short and didn't pay the rent." Gee, didn’t you ever think of putting the money in a bank or giving it to our property manager (whose office is less than a mile away)to hold??? Who keeps $1,100. cash in their wallets anyway??? - RC Properties LLC, Delaware

Excuse of the Day for 9/16/08:

After our tenants totally trashed our rental house in a short period of time of which upon their moving in it had all new carpet, flooring, new tub & surround, kitchen countertops and all fresh paint.....this was their response when we ran into them a few days after they were evicted and locked out after failure to pay rent for 4 months.
Tenant Excuse: "I was going to fix the house, paint it and replace the carpet because we ruined it all, but since we got the eviction, I figured why should I?"
Submitted by: RC Properties LLC, Delaware

Excuse of the Day for 9/15/08:

"I sent you the rent for July and August, but you didn't cash the check fast enough, so when I used my ATM card, I accidentally spent the money in my account." Holy $#!#. Give me a break. Bob in Port Richey, FL

Excuse of the Day for 9/11/08:

"I went to the bank and it wasn't there" - (the bank wasn't there or the money?) Come to find out, she did not even have a bank account! - Alan, Norwich, CT

Excuse of the Day for 9/9/08:

"If you won't let us keep the dogs, you ain't getting no rent." They agreed when they signed the lease that they would not have any pets without permission. Now we've discovered the property is being destroyed by their wild dogs. It looks like eviction is next. - Steve S., NY

Excuse of the Day for 9/7/08:

"The refrigerator wont close, so I cant pay the rent for a refrigerator that wont close. You have to fix it first." Look Ms. you owe me 3mo rent, the fridge was closing just fine last week. - Kosta L.

Excuse of the Day for 8/30/08:

"I just found out I was pregnant. I didn't think I would have to pay rent again until after I had the baby. Do you want to come inside and see all the baby stuff I just bought?" What world does she live in? - Melisa, Illinois

Excuse of the Day for 8/26/08:

"My kids needed new eyeglasses before school. It really set me back over $1,100. It's gonna take a little time to recover." As of now, it has set you back $1,200. Your daily fees are mounting. - Matthew B., OH

Excuse of the Day for 8/21/08:

"I have next month’s rent money, but Labor Day weekend is also my birthday, and I also have traffic tickets to pay. If I pay my rent, I’ll have a crappy birthday. Can I pay my rent late if I pay the late fee?" Hmmm – what do you think? - Teresa, OK

Excuse of the Day for 8/19/08:

"I have the money. I just can't give it to you yet." - What the hell is that supposed to mean? These people are a riot. They got their eviction notice the next day. - Robert, FL

Excuse of the Day for 8/14/08:

"I dropped off the check on the 5th. Maybe it was stolen from your mailbox. I'll be by in a couple of days with a new check." Yeah right. The old 'I dropped it off on the 5th' excuse. (I have a locking mailbox- she can't explain why it wasn't there. Maybe because she is lying? In the last 2 years she has never paid before the 9th. It is always a challenge to get the rent from this one. - Mary D., NY

Excuse of the Day for 8/12/08:

"I paid our movers $4000 and I thought we had enough money to pay the rent. Here is a check for last month and this coming month but I will tell you when you can cash it." - They where sent a 5 day and 30 day notice. Currently they are living rent free for 3 months but our court date is coming soon. - Keith, IL

Excuse of the Day for 8/09/08:

"Gas prices are too high." My tenant has not paid me on time in 2 years. I finally had enough and told him he had to pay or be evicted. He couldn’t understand why because he does after all , pay the late fees. When I asked him why he couldn’t pay on time he said because gas prices were too high. He lives in my mobile home park and owns a double wide home. I said to him, well how much do you think its gonna cost you in gas to move your home out of my park? He paid in full with cash and the following month was on time. - Kerry, Illinois

Excuse of the Day for 8/08/08:

"I don't feel inclined to pay the rent this month. The apartment is neat so you can use the security as the rent." What does that mean??.. I don't feel inclined for her to live there!!! Lisa, NY

Excuse of the Day for 8/07/08:

"I worked too much this month so my government check was short....." They are both on government support. - Barbara, New Mexico

Excuse of the Day for 8/06/08:

"The rent? You knew I was getting married this month. I told you the wedding was costing 10K. Ok..OK. after the wedding I'll pay you this coming week." - This after getting a certified return receipt letter with 3-day notice. I immediately gave them a notice to pay or quit..I guess he's going to live at the hotel with new bride and their 5 children. - Rosie, Florida

Excuse of the Day for 7/29/08:

"I'm having a bad month. I'll have This month and next months rent by the middle of next month." - Well its going to cost you an attorneys fee too and you'll have to make the payment in court next week if you want to avoid an eviction judgment.- Steve S., NY

Excuse of the Day for 7/24/08:

"The internet went out. Why should I pay rent if I don't have any amenities like other places have." - When they rented the apartment, they were able to tap the wireless internet from the neighbor. Now the neighbor secured the network. That has nothing to do with me. I told them to start paying for their own internet or be evicted. - Joyce, Holbrook, NY

Excuse of the Day for 7/22/08:

"You want the rent? The basement has been flooded for a week. How are we supposed to live like this?" - The tenant's son (9) inserted the garden hose into the basement window and left it running for a day or 2. The tenants were required to have renter's insurance, but after they didn't need it the first year, they decided to save the annual $120.00. Now they think I should bail them out. (No pun intended!)- Evan, R., CT

Excuse of the Day for 7/6/08:

"There was a leak gushing down from the upsatirs shower. I'll have to take the repair money out of the rent." - The emergency plumber couldn't find any problems.- Steve S., NY

Excuse of the Day for 7/5/08:

"My son was arrested for DWI. He needs to drive to school and work. The attorney's fee has really set me back." - I'm sorry to hear it, but if I don't receive your rent you and your son will have even more problems.- Steve S., NY

Excuse of the Day for 6/30/08:

"It was my grandmother's 90th birthday, so we took a trip to visit and paid for her birthday party. We had over a hundred people." - I'm sure your grandmother won't mind if you move in with her. You are already behind in your rent. Rudy, Sarasota, FL

Excuse of the Day for 6/27/08:

"I am totally allergic to feathers. I want foam pillows." I have a furnished rental and the tenant is holding back the rent till I supply foam pillows. I said pay or leave. Hildegard, South Dakota

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