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Tenant's Excuse of the Day Page 3

Page 3:
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The LPA selects the most original excuses made by tenants to their landlords. If you have an interesting or funny story about your tenant's excuse for not paying rent, we'd love to hear it!
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Excuse of the Day for 8/2/10:
"I was denied making rent deposit into your account at the Bank, and the next day I was robbed when I left the money that I hide in my car." - Tony De Jong

Excuse of the Day for 7/22/10:
"My aunt was in surgery... I was in the emergency room and needed the week to best friend died,... I lost my phone at her mother's house... my great-uncle died..." - Waters, LA

Excuse of the Day for 7/19/10:
"I was too busy baking cookies and didnít have a chance to get to the bank." - Steve G., Vermilion, OH

Excuse of the Day for 7/17/10:
"I was in jail for 30 days and wasn't even there this month! Why should i pay if i wasn't there? Only my dog was there so maybe i will pay a small portion of the rent since he is a small dog!" David L. Kona, Hawaii

Excuse of the Day for 7/14/10:
"My uncle died and I'm the only one who can pay for his funeral."
- Robert Hancox, San Antonio, TX

Excuse of the Day for 7/13/10:
"My indoor marijuana garden got raided by the cops and now I don't have any pot to sell, so i dont have any money for rent." Now i know why the electric bill was so high, plus the cops broke the front door when they served the search warrant. - David L., Kona, Hawaii

Excuse of the Day for 7/10/10:
"I expect the last month's rent to be pro-rated because I am leaving mid-month. I'll only give you half the rent." And this after using his security deposit for the previous month! - William P Sestrom

Excuse of the Day for 7/9/10:
"What do you want?! I always pay you the late fee!" He's missing the point entirely. It is not about the late fee. It is about paying on time. Duh... - Malgoska, Pueblo, CO

Excuse of the Day for 7/5/10:
"I don't have the money because of my DUI - I had to pay and now I have to go to jail on the weekend. Then I broke my ankle in that big hole the dog dug in the back yard - can you fix it? I can't work anyway because I lost my license. But I could give you some weed instead." (That was the day we found out about the dog existing.) Kate M, Ashtabula, Ohio

Excuse of the Day for 7/4/10:
"Last night, I fell off the roof [mine!] and broken my collarbone, so I cannot get any money to you." [once again] - Waters, LA

Excuse of the Day for 7/3/10:
"I made a mistake & I have to fix it !" I don't even know what this means! - Mike, Bethpage, NY

Excuse of the Day for 7/1/10:
"Can I write you a cheque? There's no money in the bank, though." -- Uh, no. Here's your Pay or Quit notice. - Tom, Washington State

Excuse of the Day for 6/29/10:

"You gave me an eviction notice but I won't have enough security deposit for the place I'll be moving to, so can you give me back the portion of the rent I gave you and I will sign an affidavit saying I will pay you back next month?" And I am supposed to believe you will be able to pay two landlords next month. The affidavit will be worth the paper it's written on. - Maria B. Connecticut

Excuse of the Day for 6/26/10:

"I can't pay what I owe you in back rent, I can only pay from now on, so you'll just have to forget getting the back rents. sorry." I told the renter that didn't really work for me so I would begin eviction proceedings & garnishment. - KM Tennessee

Excuse of the Day for 6/23/10:

"I can't pay the rent in full because my teen son got his teen girlfriend pregnant and I have to pay for 1/2 of the abortion! I hope it doesn't really cost $800!" - Mark in Delaware

Excuse of the Day for 6/16/10:

"I can't pay the rent because all of our checks were ruined by the water leak in the garage." The leak was reported 2 weeks before rent was due and would have been repaired the same day if not for the tenant canceling the appointment with the plumber. Audra, OK

Excuse of the Day for 6/9/10:

"Iím not going to starve. I have provide food for my family." Individualís portion of rent: $250.00 (out of $674.00 SSI Check). Tenant was evicted a month later when I received notification from the utility company that the tenant owed $1400 and was getting services disconnected. - Catherine, CA

Excuse of the Day for 6/5/10:

"My kids thought it would be cute to hide my car keys so I wasn't able to put the check in your mailbox this morning." (Nor has she put it in my mailbox since.) She has used this excuse twice. Also bounced two rent checks and is behind on the electric bill which will affect our good credit. - Shirl (manager), West Lafayette, IN

Excuse of the Day for 5/26/10:

"Can I write you a cheque? There's no money in the bank, though." -- Uh, no. Here's your Pay or Quit notice. - Tom, Washington State

Excuse of the Day for 5/18/10:

"Hi... It is getting warm outside. When do u think u want to come do the doors? And sorry I will have the full rent for this month on the 25th; I just lost a baby (due to a miscarriage). I was five and a half weeks."
I had owned the SFH for less than a month when I received this communication. Itís the middle of March in Illinois. Iím not going to hear you complain and try to sue me for giving you and your children pneumonia. In addition, the tenant is on state Medicaid, so there were no doctor bills. Whereís the rent? - T. Kaufman, Illinois

Excuse of the Day for 5/16/10:

tenant on vacation "You can't get blood from a stone." He proceeds to slam the door in my face and calls the police to tell them I was harassing him.
The police came and told me to leave him alone and have no contact with him. I filed an eviction notice and it took two more months to get rid of him and I lost three months rent. - Marti, Kerhonkson, NY

Excuse of the Day for 5/14/10:

"I let a friend borrow money to purchase a car and now I don't have the rent money." - Tammy Richard, Northampton, PA

Excuse of the Day for 5/6/10:

"I got pulled over for not having tags on the '01 Acura I just bought, (4 months ago) and got a $500 ticket, do you know how to fix power windows on an Acura?" - Charles G, AR

Excuse of the Day for 4/30/10:

"We can't pay your rent because we had to close our bank account. We just found out that the bank was stealing our money. $8,000 is missing and we just figured this out. We will pay you when we get our money back from the bank."
I received this phone message the day after he received his paycheck and was supposed to send rent. How stupid do they think I am??? - Dawn, Colorado

Excuse of the Day for 4/27/10:

"Sorry, but I didnít know how to contact you." She has been renting from us for over 10 months and every piece of correspondence, including the contract and all receipts for rent paid provide five specific ways to contact us. Some people are just not quick thinkers when it comes to spontaneous lying. - Tom, Rockwall, TX

Excuse of the Day for 4/26/10:

"I know the rent is way overdue. I am getting some help from the government but they gave me my choice of either paying you or paying a new landlord when we move. If I took the money to pay you, they'd only give me one month's rent. If I take the money for a new place they'll give me a deposit AND the first month's rent so I'm looking for a new place. I'll still see if there is another way to get you your money." This from a renter who has only been in the unit a few months and has not nearly fulfilled the lease obligation. I can only hope she moves. - Kim from Navarre, Ohio

Excuse of the Day for 4/10/10:

"I changed banks and they sent my check to the wrong bank, Ill have to pay you for two months next month" Sorry it doesn't work that way. You don't get to decide to play CATCH UP whenever you want ... Soooo you mean that this months check just disappeared completely from this plane of existence ? Like he couldn't cant pay as soon as you got the money re-sent? Squatters! ... I'm using the LPA urgent late notice AND the Pay or Quit form TODAY! - R Haddy, Charleston, WV

Excuse of the Day for 4/9/10:

"I have a child" - KM Tennessee

Excuse of the Day for 4/7/10:

"I won't pay the rent because the furnace is broke" This would have been a reasonable excuse in winter. Problem was------ this was during one of the hottest Julys in Michigan!!!!! - John B., Fenton, Michigan

Excuse of the Day for 4/3/10:

"My boss will not pay me because I broke an appliance costing £1500 so he has decided to use my wages to pay for it." - Pastor Louis

Excuse of the Day for 4/2/10:

"Hereís your check, but I donít have the money in the bank, so donít cash it. My dad is going to send me $200 on Monday." The check included $75 that they still owed from last month. - Marie W., Washington

Excuse of the Day for 4/1/10:

"I'm sorry, my Buddy was in an accident and had to go to the ER and there was nobody to watch their kids." Excuse used for stalling us for three days after he swore he had the rent. Jim, FL

Excuse of the Day for 3/31/10:


Excuse of the Day for 3/30/10:

"I had to get my teeth worked on." Or- my personal favorite- "I don't get paid till Friday". (Although they know when the 1st is every month!) - Jan Topeka, KS

Excuse of the Day for 3/27/10:

"My husband didn't sell any cars this month." -Sandy Marlton, NJ

Excuse of the Day for 3/20/10:

"I have other bills too! The rent isnít the only thing I have to pay every month!" Yeah, but if you donít pay the rent on time, you wonít have some of those other bills i.e. electricity and water are only needed if you live in a house. Donít pay and I am evicting! - Marti Tampa Florida

Excuse of the Day for 3/19/10:

"Oh, My Husband has the check book. I'll drop it in the mail later." She told me this while sitting behind the desk of her home office. I guess they only had one checkbook - Steve, Orlando FL

Excuse of the Day for 3/17/10:

"I can't pay the rent in full becuase I spent $350 on food due to the Tsunami warning." This was the 4th month he was late and in a Studio apartment as well. Unreal. -Jennifer L., Makawao, HI

Excuse of the Day for 3/14/10:

"We had all of the rent, but my sister in law was selling her car and it was such a great deal, we had to use the rent money to buy it. You know my car is not reliable and I can not get to work sometimes. So when I have this new car, I can get to work more often and then you will have your rent on time more often. " - Teddi T.

Excuse of the Day for 3/11/10:

"I couldn't find you, and I didn't know I could mail it." Right - we lease lake lots for vacation homes, and all our other tenants, who live in New Jersey, Tennessee, Georgia - make a special trip every month to deliver their rent, right? Wrong! Plus we live on the property 24/7! - Bettina H., Waterloo, Alabama

Excuse of the Day for 3/8/10:

"My jerk husband spent it all drinking." I told them that I hope they straighten out their personal problems and addictions, and they will have to leave if the rent is not paid. I'm sending a LPA notice to pay rent or quit. - Robert R., Hudson, FL

Excuse of the Day for 3/6/10:

"I didn't want to bother you to tell you we only have part of the rent. I'm waiting to get it ALL together." When asked why the rent has not been paid yet. - Sergio M., RI

Excuse of the Day for 3/5/10:

"What are you willing to do for us? We're just not feelin the love." I'm not feeling it either, especially if I have to make a point of asking for the rent each month. I'm willing to let you out of your lease, because I don't think you'll be able to handle the increase next month. - Scott & Ann Marie, RVC, NY

Excuse of the Day for 3/2/10:

"You have to lower the rent before we make another payment. We just can not afford this rent anymore." I asked what they feel is reasonable. They want a $350. reduction! I'm giving them a Pay Rent or Quit Notice. - Bruce D., NJ

Excuse of the Day for 2/24/10:

"Don't bother me about the rent again if you know what's good for you." OK, he can't handle a late notice, so now he wants to get rude. Let's see how he likes an eviction notice. - Jack K., NY

Excuse of the Day for 2/22/10:

"I will be late with my rent due to the fact that the upstairs tenant called the police on me for my domestic violence." This is the truth. He was beating his girlfriend up. - Tony D.

Excuse of the Day for 2/20/10:

"Everything has just been hitting me so fast; this is not my week!" No, next week is not your week as I will be evicting you then. - John, TX

Excuse of the Day for 2/18/10:

"Our tax return didn't come yet. As soon as it comes, we'll be back on track.... I'm thinking maybe next week." I'm thinking next week the eviction starts. - Sam D., Ca

Excuse of the Day for 2/13/10:

"Y'know, this rent thing with you is happening like every month! I feel like you were just asking me for the rent like a few weeks ago!" Well, yeah. Hello? I gotta get rid of this airhead. - Tim, Long Beach, CA

Excuse of the Day for 2/10/10:

"Im starting a new restaurant and you know how much that i don't have the rent, but there will be lots of money after I get the financing." Well the eviction process is started and will continue untill I see those checks! - Don D.

Excuse of the Day for 2/9/10:

"Have you even watched the news lately? The country is in big trouble and millions of people are out of work- including me! Do you think the whole world revolves artound your rent?" I said: No, but your whole world does as of NOW. Here's your eviction notice. - Johnny J., Levittown, NY

Excuse of the Day for 2/7/10:

"I do not have the all the rent for you my dear boy, but can I interest you in a genuine Rolex watch?" No I didn't take the Rolex. It's probably not even real. I am sending a late fee notice and will start to evict next week if the rent is not paid. - Frankie M, CA

Excuse of the Day for 2/4/10:

"I haven't paid my rent because i want to buy the building." After evicting them for non-payment of rent, they wanted to know "When do i get my security deposit back?" - Patrick, Omaha, NE

Excuse of the Day for 2/2/10:

"I can't pay the rent. My husband got caught stealing from work and lost his job." I asked if they will have the rent anytime soon, and the answer was, "Not likely." Geez! These people have to go! - Laura V., IL

Excuse of the Day for 1/30/10:

"I don't have the rent. I'm sorry. You can go ahead and evict me. I'll be checking into the hospital's mental ward." - John, NY

Excuse of the Day for 1/28/10:

"My husband said you already were paid the rent when we gave you the security deposit." No. Security is not pre-paid rent. I gave them a notice to pay rent or quit along with The LPA Urgent late notice. I got the late fees and the rent a few days later. - Carl W., Anchorage, Alaska

Excuse of the Day for 1/25/10:

"I forgot." - the only problem is the tenants forget every single month and I have to call them to "remind" them. This has been going on for years. Molly, Nebraska

Excuse of the Day for 1/24/10:

"We're getting a divorce." OK, but that does not excuse you from paying rent. You are still occupying my rental house. - Samantha, PA

Excuse of the Day for 1/17/10:

"I've been out of town. I wasn't even there for half the month." Sorry, but you're old enough to know you still owe the rent. - Ralph, Tustin, CA

Excuse of the Day for 1/16/10:

"It is cold as a witch's #!#. Replace the furnace." The furnace is fine. The tenant is responsible to maintain a heating service contract on the unit for the last for years (WHICH HE HAS NOT!). The filter clogged up from lack of maintenance and now he refuses to pay rent. Is there a form I can use for failure to get the required service contract? (I use the LPA Lease) - Sherry C., OH

Excuse of the Day for 1/14/10:

"The refrigerator light is off again. Some days it is on. I know it is because that bxxxxx Roger next door is stealing my electric." The old woman is paranoid and is convinced her neighbor s engaged in elaborate schemes to steal her electricity. - Marie, Hicksville, NY

Excuse of the Day for 1/09/10:

"The neighbors are complaining about my boat. I don't want to live where the neighbors are going to complain about my boat." You do not have permission to keep a 30foot boat on a 60X100 SFH property. Pay the RENT & get the boat out of there. - Bob S., New Jersey

Excuse of the Day for 1/7/10:

"I'm not paying till that tree in the back gets removed. I think it might come down on the house." When asked further about the tree, the tenant said the tree is starting to lean and he doesn't feel safe. The tree is healthy and strong, has just been trimmed and the tenant was evicted for non-payment. - Manuel C., New York

Excuse of the Day for 1/5/10:

"When I take a bath, after a while the water starts seeping out the drain. You have to replace the tub drain. I don't like taking baths and having he water drain away!" - Samuel, FL

Excuse of the Day for 1/4/10:

"For the last few months, I've been sharing the home with Alice. She is responsible for the other half of the rent." Who is Alice? Sorry, your lease is only for you. There is a clause in it about unauthorized occupants. You are in violation and also owe me another $500. for each unauthorized occupant. (Happy New Year / Thank you, LPA!) - Rick, Naples, FL

Excuse of the Day for 1/3/10:

"The kitchen cabinet door is broken. Whenever I go in the kitchen, the cabinet door opens and hits me in the head." - So duck when you go in the kitchen.... or adjust the hinge on the cabinet. Very minor. Not a reason to withhold rent. - Steve, NY

Excuse of the Day for 12/28/09:

"I didn't pay all my rent this month because I just bought a new car." - I asked the tenant if her car is big enough to live in? - Richard, CPM Realty, Omaha, Nebraska

Excuse of the Day for 12/22/09:

"We had a special Christmas photo made of our beautiful family. See? We sent you a copy along with a special present for you. You are the greatest landlord and nicest person anybody could wish for. We love you. God bless you. Walk with God! Merry Christmas!" Myrtle, New York

Excuse of the Day for 12/16/09:

"You can't seriously expect us to be able to purchase Christmas gifts for the whole family and be on time with the rent this month!"
Sorry, the lease you agreed to expects you to pay on time every month and a late charge when you don't. My bank expects me to pay the mortgage on time and a late charge when I don't. They don't give a flying #@$& if I'm late cause I bought presents for my family. - Maryann in NY

Excuse of the Day for 12/13/09:

Boyfriend:"She stuck your rent check in the outside pocket of her purse and now it's gone. She doesn't want to pay for a stop fee - what do you think?"
My response was that the rent was still due by the 1st and that I couldn't really tell her what she should do about the fee. Next - a phone call to her on the 2nd to see why we didn't have the rent - her response was "Well I called!"
Yea - your boyfriend called -no one EVER said rent wasn't due! -she responded angry FINE I'll bring it over and paid. - Carol, Akron, Ohio

Excuse of the Day for 12/08/09:

"I donít have my rent because my buddy borrowed money from me to pay his rent Ė otherwise he was getting kicked out"
Ö ok so now you can go and live with him at his place Ė because youíre getting kicked out. - DJW, Ontario, Canada.

Excuse of the Day for 12/06/09:

"I was on my way to get a money order and my car broke down and my tire went flat. I had your money but I had to spend it to get my car fixed."
It has not rained in two weeks. - Christianne F., Placida, FL

Excuse of the Day for 11/29/09:

"I put the check in the mail box but the mail box must leak and the mail man will not pick up wet mail. I have replaced the envelope several times. Do you want me to try again or do you want to come get the check."
It has not rained in two weeks. - Bob Shumway Rockford,Il

Excuse of the Day for 11/23/09:

"There are rust stains developing on the toilets and they won't come out. My plumber says you need to replace these two toilets, so I will hold back the rent for the two new toilets."
Uh, sorry. Not gonna happen. I issued an LPA Urgent Late Notice Eviction Status Warning| The rent was paid the next day. Haven't heard another word about the toilets. - Steven, Naples, FL

Excuse of the Day for 11/19/09:

"My niece had open heart surgery, therefore I can't pay my rent." - A.A, Rio Rancho, NM

Excuse of the Day for 11/18/09:

"You waited too long to cash my check, so I spent the money with my debit card! It's your own fault."
I deposited this tenant's rent along with my other rents on the 4th of the month. Doesn't she keep track of the checks she writes before spending what's in her account? How can this be my fault? I have to charge a bounced check fee. Thank you LPA lease. - Gabriella in IL

Excuse of the Day for 11/13/09:

In front of the judge:
"I donít pay my rent on time because of their outrageous late fees." Here is a thought, if you paid your rent on time you wouldnít have to worry about late fees. Needless to say he was evicted. - Tricia, Las Vegas, NV

Excuse of the Day for 11/8/09:

You just can't make this stuff up. Holy Smokes!

"I'm taking $100.00 off rent because I fell on your sidewalk and scraped my knee."
when this tenant was asked to move out (not this instance, months later for non-payment), he shut off water to toilet tank,took a big bowel movement and placed it in the tank, with a 2 sided razor blade holding up the flapper so i would slice open my hand when i went to get it out. - garfield, new jersey

Excuse of the Day for 11/6/09:

"We don't have the rent because my husband was laid off. You know how the economy is."
Yeah. Except, your husband worked with my husband. The business is thriving, your husband was fired for excessive absenteeism. I knew this was coming when my husband came home and told me about it. - K. in Ohio

Excuse of the Day for 11/4/09:

"My husband HAD to miss work because he got the swine flu from the guy upstairs. If you're evicting someone, evict him."
Lady, I don't care if the guy upstairs has the plague. He's never been late on his rent, and that's what counts with me. - K. in Ohio

Excuse of the Day for 11/2/09:

"First I'd like you to correct an unmistakable odor coming from the garage. It smells like oil or something."
Since the heating system is in the basement and is GAS, it isn't that. Could you be smelling that big black puddle of oil leaking from your car that is staining my garage floor???? - Kevin J., NY

Excuse of the Day for 10/30/09:

"This month I replaced your stove handle, your storm door, your bathroom mirror and I fixed the holes in the sheetrock."
None of these damages existed when he moved in. When I asked WHAT holes in the sheetrock? He said his wife did it. I already give this jerk's file to my lawyer for eviction. -Harlan in IL

Excuse of the Day for 10/26/09:

"And now YOU want the rent? Do you know what we're paying in oil?" Theresa L., Wantagh, NY

Excuse of the Day for 10/23/09:

"I ran out of your pre-printed envelopes, so I didn't have your address." This from the woman who is constantly sending me crap from her daughter raising money for girl scouts. - Logan, D., NY

Excuse of the Day for 10/21/09:

"I'm not going to apologize. We are going through tough economic times. It isn't just us. You'll just have to suck it up and deal." I said, Sorry. I'm not sucking anything. If you don't pay, you have to leave. - Walter H, CO

Excuse of the Day for 10/18/09:

"I got mad and spent it. I was just gonna move out but not gone to do u like dat. fri I get paid and two weeks after dat i'll give you another." Text message from a tenant who got mad at me because I told him he needed a pet deposit, insurance and to register his $250 pit bull he bought with the rent money (he left the receipt behind) with the township. Not including the lease calls for no pets! Friday he never paid and another text (too vulgar and racial to print) came with the "N" word pointed at me. He moved out 3 blocks away with his mommy that Sunday leaving me dog Crap and urine all over the kitchen floor and plenty of other clean up....Our civil suit court date is pending at the moment... - Mike from Pennsauken, NJ

Excuse of the Day for 10/17/09:

"We'll be giving our notice to move next month, so we decided to not pay the rent this month and next month so we can be reimbursed for all the improvements we have made on your property. As you know we have bee mowing the lawn and we painted last year among many other things." The paint job is horrible and the lease says they are responsible for the grounds. I have to give a notice to evict. Valerie, NC

Excuse of the Day for 10/13/09:

"Ummm, Helllo. Sorry to bother you, but my rent is going to be late. Yeah, I had bought a money order for my rent and my phone bill. I had 'company' on Friday night. When I woke up Saturday morning, my money orders and my 'company' were gone! Can you work something out with me?" - Stephanie Austin

Excuse of the Day for 10/12/09:

"I don't have rent because the police took it during the drug raid." - John, Raleigh, NC

Excuse of the Day for 10/10/09:

"Willy Nelson was in town for a concert and I used my rent money to buy tickets." This was an excuse from one of my father's tenants a few years back. - Barry B.

Excuse of the Day for 10/05/09:

"Iím in a bit of a jamÖmy nephews stayed with me for a few weeks and ran my cable bill up ordering movies..needless to say the bill is $378 and it has partially suspended my internet. Thatís how I attend school. I planned to pay full rent today but now I have to reduce it by $400 and pay it in two weeksÖwhat are your thoughts?" Are you seriously asking for my thoughts, "PAY YOUR RENT ON TIME!" What happened to priorities, like the roof over your head? (September Rent) - Carla W, MD

Excuse of the Day for 10/04/09:

"I had to pay my (grocery) suppliers in cash because they won't take my personal checks anymore... just like you only cash or money orders, so can you come back next Saturday?" (They gave me two ISF checks). One 3-day notice to quit later, the rent was paid. - E. Ramirez, Rancho Cucamonga, CA

Excuse of the Day for 10/01/09:

"Applied for a payday loan this past Friday, the loan wonít be in my account until Wednesday or Thursday of this week, I know this doesnít help with your deadlineÖsorry." This excuse was given after already extending an extension on the remaining $400 owed. (September Rent) - Carla W, MD

Excuse of the Day for 9/27/09:

"I have other bills to pay like my phone bill." This is from a tenant who had only to pay $128 a month as ss covered the rest. Like I don't have a phone bill to pay!! - kevin, medford, ny

Excuse of the Day for 9/26/09:

tenant on vacation"The bank screwed up and froze my account. But I can't have the rent in cash tomorrow as I am on a cruise in Bermuda and calling from the ship!!" - Dorothy, Patchogue, NY

Excuse of the Day for 9/23/09:

"Iím in Italy BURYING MY FATHER! How dare you leave me messages saying you want your money!" - We sent a written reply in response to the very angry 10 minute voice mail with our condolences for her loss but reiterated the fact that rent is still due on the first. Her boyfriend wrote back stating he had no idea what loss we were referring to or what message they had supposedly leftÖ Tenants, if youíre going to tell lies - make sure ALL signers are in on it!!! Ė Amanda, CA

Excuse of the Day for 9/22/09:

"All of my money is in a trust fund, and the attorney that sends me my check every month went away on vacation....and he will not be back for 2 weeks. So I can't pay you the rent" - Tim Walls, VA

Excuse of the Day for 9/19/09:

"I don't have the rent because I had to bail my boy out of jail and it cost $200 and if I didn't bail him out, they were gonna throw ME in jail, so I don't have it." - Lori W., Bristol, VA

Excuse of the Day for 9/13/09:

"I don't have the rent because my baby-daddy and I had to go to arbitration for support, and he didn't reimburse me for his half that I paid." What makes you think that if you have to FORCE this guy to pay child support, that he is going to keep his word and pay you back?????? - Susan S., New York

Excuse of the Day for 9/06/09:

"I'll catch you after Labor Day. We have a lot goin on this weekend. Stop by for a burger if you're in the area." I am in the area and I want my rent which is already late- not a burger. - Danny L., NY

Excuse of the Day for 8/28/09:

"Baby made a miraculous recovery from SWINE FLU and LIVER FAILURE and made it to the wedding! We will get caught up by the end of the month." The irony: I am a Critical Care Nurse - did she really think I would buy that?! I guess so, afterall, I rented my house to them! - Mary G., Kansas

Excuse of the Day for 8/24/09:

"My 3 month old grandson has less than 10% chance of living. I have to leave for my son's wedding tonight."(Yes, in the same message.) - Mary G., Kansas

Excuse of the Day for 8/22/09:

Month 6: "I have to fly down to Texas to see my daughter have her baby. They are doing an emergency C-section" And for the grand finale biggest whopper yet, see my next post about the baby having SWINE FLU & LIVER FAILURE! - Mary G., Kansas

Excuse of the Day for 8/20/09:

Month 5: ON TIME! (Way more shocking than their excuses!) - Mary G., Kansas

Excuse of the Day for 8/19/09:

Month 4: "I had the cash in my car, but my car was broken into and the money got stolen." - Mary G., Kansas

Excuse of the Day for 8/18/09:

Month 3: "My daughter rear-ended an off-duty police officer while drunk-driving last night. I had to use the money to bail her out of jail." - Mary G., Kansas

Excuse of the Day for 8/17/09:

"I thought that the last month of the rent for the year lease was covered by the 'last month' payment that I made when I moved in. I didn't know I had to actually give you notice and move out for 'last month' to apply. You didn't tell me that!" Unbelievable. - Jeff Armstrong, Orem, UT.

Excuse of the Day for 8/15/09:

Month 2: "I was out of town with the cash. Thank God I had it because my car broke down and I luckily had that money with me to fix it." - Mary G., Kansas

Excuse of the Day for 8/14/09:

Month 1: "We are late because we had to pay the movers to move in." - Mary G., Kansas

Excuse of the Day for 8/9/09:

"Sorry I have not got the money from dad." Well I can help you, an eviction notice from me will make it easier for you to get money from a charity. This really makes it easier to give eviction notices. - John Bruggeman

Excuse of the Day for 8/6/09:

"We tried to drop it off yesterday but we couldnít find your house and we lost your phone number." Our number is on the lease and we had just called them five days prior. They have been in my house now 6 months and have been late or requested partial payment 5 out of those months. Iím glad I used the LPA lease! - Mark, NC

Excuse of the Day for 7/31/09:

"My accountant said I can't afford to pay my rent." I don't think he meant for you to STOP paying so you'd be evicted which is what will happen if you don't pay your rent!!! - Ann, NY

Excuse of the Day for 7/28/09:

"We had a new gazebo installed which makes your property much more valuable." No permission for adding a structure to the yard and NO rent! I am sending an eviction notice. - Kevin D., NJ

Excuse of the Day for 7/24/09:

"I packed my checkbook in one of the moving boxes and the movers took it already." Believe this was a ploy to try to get us to take it out of the security deposit. Just sent second notice of accruing $10/day late fees. Soon she will owe more in late fees than the week of rent she owes. - Brian, Savannah, GA

Excuse of the Day for 7/16/09:

"I meant to pay you, but things got crazy. It's the thought that counts, right?" Sorry, it's not the thought that counts. It's the money that counts and now you have a late fee to add to your rent. - Monty J., Newark, NJ

Excuse of the Day for 7/15/09:

"I got paid but someone stole only the $600 I owe you in rent." - Chris Lathbury, South Carolina

Excuse of the Day for 7/11/09:

"I couldn't pay the rent, I had something in my eye and couldn't come to your office." When asked if she was unable to mail a check, she had no response. She actually used this excuse 4 times over the course of a year and was evicted. - Leanne, Rollinsford, NH

Excuse of the Day for 7/7/09:

"I'm sorry, I spent this month's rent on a much needed cruise vacation. Don't worry- there's a casino and I'll win back the rent PLUS the late fee!" - Sorry, but you'll have to win back the attorney fee too, cause the eviction ain't waiting for you to get back.- - Sylvia Adams, Montgomery, AL

Excuse of the Day for 7/5/09:


Excuse of the Day for 7/5/09:

"I can't believe it's late already! It was just the 4th of July... like a couple of days ago.... something like that." Rent is due on the first, moron. How can I have rented to anybody this dumb? - Rocco J., NY

Excuse of the Day for 7/1/09:

"We'd like a new screen door." What does that have to do with the rent? Besides, what happened to the new screen door I gave you when you moved in 2 years ago? These people never cease to amaze me. - Steve S., Uniondale, NY

Excuse of the Day for 6/27/09:

"I had the rent yesterday when I called you to come pick it up. You didn't show so I spent it." - Diana , San Antonio

Excuse of the Day for 6/24/09:

"With my daughter's graduation, our new boat and our trip to Europe this year, we're a little strapped." - Frank M., NY

Excuse of the Day for 6/20/09:

"I had to make my car payment and utility payments. The rent will just have to wait" - Ed Cumming, Georgia

Excuse of the Day for 6/17/09:

"I couldn't pay the rent because I had to pay for the California Lottery Machine in my business because it costs $10,000 to renew. I'll have the rent in three weeks." They were already two weeks late. I served the three-day notice and they used the lottery monies to pay the rent. Better luck next time. - E. Ramirez, Rancho Cucamonga, CA

Excuse of the Day for 6/12/09:

"My boss's mother was in the hospital and I had to go to the hospital to visit her." followed by "My son had the flu and I've had the flu for a week so I couldn't work." followed by "We've both lost our jobs" followed by "We'll come pay you the $2,000 we owe you tonight" followed by "I couldn't get to the bank before it closed" followed by "I couldn't leave work to come pay you" followed by "My boss couldn't give me my pay this week" followed by eviction warrant and eviction by Marshalls. - W. Collier, Roswell, GA

Excuse of the Day for 6/11/09:

"I know the rent is late again, I figured it was okay if we got it to you late. If we knew you needed it on the 1st we would of got it to you, but we thought it was okay to mail it on the 5th (It's always been due on the 1st for the past four years!) . We've been going through some hard times and Iím sure you probably are too." Yes, I am going through some tough times because of you! These same tenants bought fire pit and stuck it in the yard without permission and just got a new vehicle. These people also cost me $40,000 in new windows, doors and siding and interior work due to a state required lead paint abatement after the husband took a part-time job scraping lead paint off of an old building and came home with lead dust on his clothing and lead poisoned his own kid!!! These people are the worst tenants *ever.* - Chris, New Hampshire

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