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Tenant Excuse of the Day Page 6

Page 6
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The LPA selects the most original excuses made by tenants to their landlords. If you have an interesting or funny story about your tenant's excuse for not paying rent, we'd love to hear it!
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Excuse of the Day for 3/22/07:

"My roommate didn't give me his part of rent (roommate not on lease) so I have to wait for them to pay me so that I can pay you. BTW I got a puppy over the weekend and he needs his shots, so I might be a little late with rent." - J Warburton Newburgh, NY

Excuse of the Day for 3/20/07:

"My Mother doesn't like the home, So I don't see the need to pay the rent since I'm leaving on the 18th." Today is the 19th and she's still there. I just filed for eviction. She'll be out alright. - Tim, Mesquite, Texas

Excuse of the Day for 3/19/07:

"I just bought all new furniture. Come and see how great your place looks now." I don't care how nice your new furniture looks in my house. Just think how it will look on the curb after the eviction. - Adam C., PA

Excuse of the Day for 3/15/07:

"Its not fair! You are charging less rent to the other apartment. You're ripping me off! I'm going to sue you if you don't lower may rent." It is none of your business what my other tenants pay. Now you owe late charges too, idiot. - Theresa L., Tustin, CA

Excuse of the Day for 3/11/07:

"Iím not sure if I left the window unlocked but when I got home the door was wide open and they stole a laptop some other items and this months rent. But Iím worried about the rent. I talked to my parents and they said filing a police report wonít do any good." Okay, call the police and file a report they may have a suspect for similar reports filled. Or are you the suspect? - Lee C., MS

Excuse of the Day for 3/10/07:

"Jet Blue lost my suitcase and it had the rent in it." I don't believe it. That the rent was in the suitcase. - John, Fort Myers, FL

Excuse of the Day for 3/06/07:

"My truck was broken into and all my tools were stolen." Unfortunately his insurance only covers the truck and not his $5K worth of tools. More unfortunately, I don't have my rent! - Kenny G., NY

Excuse of the Day for 2/28/07:

"I can't pay you because I have been so stressed. I will have a doctors note to explain why I can not pay the rent." - Renee D., Sonora, CA

Excuse of the Day for 2/12/07:

"I'm not paying the rent because I want YOU to pay for the damage to MY car." The tenant parked his new car on the lawn (which is not allowed), and part of it sunk into a sinkhole causing scratches on one side. The car had to be towed out of the hole. I'm looking for payment for the damage to the property. - Marissa C., PA

Excuse of the Day for 2/7/07:

"I can't pay you because I had to get my tag for our truck .We got pulled over". (the vehicle was already tagged) I told them to pay up or they were going to end up living in their truck. - L.B., Wagoner, OK

Excuse of the Day for 2/1/07:

"I don't want to give you a check if I don't have the money. I can't tell you why I don't have the rent. It's personal." - JC, BVR Management, NY

Excuse of the Day for 1/28/07:

"The electric and gas was turned off for over 2 weeks. The place was uninhabitable. UNINHABITABLE!." - The utilities are in the the tenant's name and are the tenant's responsibility to pay. Even if the utilities are turned off I still want my rent. I think the judge is going to laugh at this one. - Monique W., Toledo, OH

Excuse of the Day for 1/22/07:

"I'm pregnant and having a miscarriage." - I did feel bad for her the first time- but when she used the same excuse 3 months later I realized I'd been foiled! - Michelle, Michigan

Excuse of the Day for 1/17/07:

"I waited for you to come by and pick it up. I wasn't going to wait forever so I spent it." Why do you think I gave you pre-addressed envelopes, MORON? Eviction time! AAAAAHHH!!! - Perry C., Brooklyn, NY

Excuse of the Day for 1/14/07:

"You know I don't have the money. If you harrass me one more time, I'm leaving." They are behind more than a month. I don't think it is harrassment. I hope they do leave because I'm ready to hire a lawyer. - Angie H., Mission Viejo, CA

Excuse of the Day for 1/11/07:

"When I sell my son's car, I'll have the rent. Ain't gettin outa jail for some time. Uh-hu." I didn't even know he was in jail. Turns out he's been there for the last few months. I don't know what he's in for, but it looks like mom has run out of ways to pay the rent. - L. Stanton, Huntington, NY

Excuse of the Day for 1/9/07:

"Can I use my credit card to pay my rent? I want to build up reward points on my card." - When I told him I don't take credit cards he refused to pay. What does he think I am - Walmart? - Joey B., Uniondale, NY

Excuse of the Day for 1/8/07:

"The A/C is broken again." - The tenant was required to maintain a service contract on the 5 year old appliances including the air conditioner. It's in the lease. - George L., Tampa, FL

Excuse of the Day for 1/5/07:

"I decided to apply the rent towards the new doorway we made into the livingroom. Wait til you see it. You won't recognize the place." - We already had a door into the livingroom. What wall was destroyed without permission? I smell an eviction beginning soon this year. - Steve S., BVR Mgmt

Excuse of the Day for 12/29/06:

"I haven't slept there so I won't pay rent! " - by Edith

Excuse of the Day for 12/21/06:

"My son's girlfriend left him. That put him in a tizzie. Now he is in rehab and not working. I'm sorry I just don't have it all. You will have to be patient."
I'm sorry, but my bank has no patience and they never waive a late charge, so I can't either. If this isn't cleared up within 5 days, you will also have to come up with legal fees to stop the eviction. Good luck. - George B., NY

Excuse of the Day for 12/15/06:

"Don't worry, we'll have this months rent after Joey sells his X-box. They are selling for big bucks for Christmas. We should have invested in more of them." - Walter H., Colorado Springs, CO

Excuse of the Day for 12/11/06:

"I know I am two months behindon rent but......can you give me another 30 days? My boyfriend is unemployed and I want to buy a car." - Julie, Michigan

Excuse of the Day for 12/5/06:

"My family comes first and I haven't even finished my Christmas shopping. If I have anything left this month, I'll send you the rent, Mr. Scrooge!" - Steve S., BVR Mgmt

Excuse of the Day for 12/4/06:

"How do I know that you are who you say you are? My lawyer wants proof that you are the landlord." - After 6 months of living here and paying late every month, I told him that unless he pays the rent plus the late fees, he'll find out in eviction court who the owner is. - Marcia C., CA

Excuse of the Day for 11/28/06:

"My accountant told me not to pay you until you give me your social security number so I can fill out a 1099 form for the IRS to report my payments to you." - I said either get a new accountant or get a new apartment. If you don't pay the rent my lawyer will evict you very quickly! - Jack Klein, NY

Excuse of the Day for 11/25/06:

"I broke my toe badly. Half the rent went to the foot doctor who saved my toe." - You mean I'm late on my mortgage because of your toe? - Irving G., Miami, FL

Excuse of the Day for 11/20/06:

"I decided to hold back the rent until you put in a new bathroom floor." - The floor had a couple of cracked tiles. When she moved in she asked if that will be fixed. I said we'd get to it if we can match the tiles. I know this is a lame excuse because she is stalling for time since she is late with the rent every month. I think the only way to deal with her is through a lawyer. - Art C., PA

Excuse of the Day for 11/14/06:

"My brother just got out of jail and broke in and stole our money. You have to wait till we get it back." - Get it back? I hope so and soon. I already called my lawyer. - Mario R., in NY

Excuse of the Day for 11/7/06:

"My husband had to use it to replace the garage door and also for the dentist. I have proof. Here are the receipts." - I have proof of no rent you trailer trash reject. - Paulie C., FL

Excuse of the Day for 11/5/06:

"Why the hell do you keep asking? I have never not paid rent. It's the fact you keep asking that I am not paying." - Heliana Chapman

Excuse of the Day for 10/28/06:

"Hey, I can't pay my rent this month because I bought a painting at the Church Art Auction...." - Sal, NY

Excuse of the Day for 10/26/06:

"Do you enjoy playing God almighty, in making demands or do you want to talk with us about the rent check?"
This is from the tenant on 06/22/2006 via a letter in my door. This concerns the bounced check they gave me. I talked to my tenants about it and they said they were eating and to visit in an hour. I went back and they did not answer the door so I left a Pay Rent or Quit notice. They later stated that the doorbell must not have worked. They have since left the premises. I have learned never to be a nice person to tenants. - Anthony Belleville, Illinois

Excuse of the Day for 10/24/06:

"Now that the rent is increased, I am not sure of when I'll be able to pay the rent. I am looking to save money to buy a condo."
I'll guess I'll be able to make her wish come true when I have her evicted to pursue her dreams quicker. - Evelyn, NYC

Excuse of the Day for 10/15/06:

"You should feel lucky I could pay you half of the rent, because my husbandís paycheck is being garnished."
I should feel lucky because the half of the rent is still missing?! - M.S., Malgoska, CO

Excuse of the Day for 10/14/06:

"Oh, I meant to pay you three days ago."
After reminding on the 7th of the month that the rent is due on the first of the month. Yes indeed, the road to hell is paved with good intentions. - M.S., Malgoska, CO

Excuse of the Day for 10/3/06:

"I just paid a large unexpected tax bill. Now I need trauma counciling."
I know how that feels. I still can't sit normally, so I'll be lienient, but just this one time. - Steve, NY

Excuse of the Day for 10/2/06:

"The rent is the last thing on my mind. I have more important problems right now."
She wouldn't elaborate and she wouldn't give me any indication of when the rent will be paid. I have no choice but to evict. - Dominic C., IL

Excuse of the Day for 9/26/06:

"Why should I pay rent if I'm gonna buy the house next month?"
Who ever said the house was for sale? - Margo M., ME

Excuse of the Day for 9/25/06:

"My son was supposed to pay you."
She said this each time we tried to collect after the rent was not paid by the 5th. Now it is the 25th and they are not responding to notices and even our attorney's letter. I even left a message stating that if they don't pay this week, they will have to pay the attorney's fee in order to stop the eviction, which will be in court the first week of October. - Mare M., Long Island, NY

Excuse of the Day for 9/21/06:

"I can't pay the rent because things are really rough at work."
This was said as I was looking at their two brand new Ducati motorcycles in the parking lot. They moved out in the middle of the night a few days later to avoid eviction. - Leanne P., Rollinsford, NH

Excuse of the Day for 9/17/06:

"I got 3 kids in college. What do ya want from me?"
I want the rent on time as agreed. Otherwise you can go live with your 3 kids at college. - Larry C., Connecticut

Excuse of the Day for 9/10/06:

"I'm not giving half my paycheck to some stupid kid."
I just bought an already occupied three unit rental home, and the tenants in one apartment seem to have a problem, not only with paying the rent, but with the fact that I'm 24 as well. Hope they like getting evicted by "some stupid kid" a little better. - Kendra F.,

Excuse of the Day for 9/8/06:

"My husband is an alcoholic and he has been having blackouts. We don't know what happened to the rent money."
Like this is a legitimate excuse for not paying rent? I think I will include the question of whether the applicant drinks or has done drugs on the rental application next time. - Jesse U., Seaford, NY

Excuse of the Day for 9/4/06:

"I am out of town and can't get to a bank. My dog had a heart attack and I have to stay with him here while he has surgery. I will be gone for 8 to 10 days and will try to get you the rent when I get back."
This rent was 3 weeks late. I thought that she was original if nothing else. - April Robinson, Canada

Excuse of the Day for 8/28/06:

"BG&E (Baltimore Gas & Electric) was here earlier threatening to shut-off my power. The only reason they didn't shut it off earlier when they came is because my children (oldest child is 15) were here without adult supervision. The BG&E agent said he would be back later this afternoon, however, and will only leave the power on if he receives payment in full. I can't live without my power."
Interestingly enough, the amount owed to BG&E was almost the same amount of the rent, late fee and water bill charges for the past 6 months. My question is, what good is the power being on, if one doesn't have a home in which to use it? - LGB in DC

Excuse of the Day for 8/27/06:

"You can wait cause you are so cheap you haven't done a thing in here since we moved in 6 months ago!"
She moved in to a brand new beautiful apartment complete with everything. They have been complaining because they burned out some lightbulbs and want me to change them because they don't have a ladder to reach them. - Michael K., San Diego, CA

Excuse of the Day for 8/22/06:

"My boyfriend is a landlord too. He told me not to pay another dime unless you lower the rent to a reasonable amount."
Her boyfriend is a sloppy know it all hippie. Maybe she can go rent from him because I'm about to send a notice to pay or quit. - Sally B., Massapequa, NY

Excuse of the Day for 8/12/06:

"My husband's car burned up on the highway. The rent was in the car. It was cash."
I was almost a believer and then she said it was cash. They have never had the rent in full and in cash before. - Madge R., SW FL

Excuse of the Day for 8/08/06:

"We don't have it right now. My husband has been out of work and he had a heart attack last month. The pipe under the sink is leaking and now we have toxic black mold making my baby girl very sick."
Wow. I'm sorry about the heart attack. He's gonna hate being evicted too. My attorney's not cheap when he knows the tenant is paying. (They used the heart attack and mold excuse last year, the dead grandmother a few months ago, the car accident, you name it. These people are a great source for new excuses.) BTW: I passed the husband on the road today. He was having a great jog. - Jack Klein, NY

Excuse of the Day for 8/04/06:

"It has been so hot we needed the air conditioner on all month. The electric bill was sky high, so we don't have the rent."
The electric bill didn't come yet for this period. Besides, what's more important - a cool home or having a home? - Thomas William, Rockaway, NY

Excuse of the Day for 8/02/06:

"I'm going to China for June - August for vacation I'll have my friend make sure you get your rent ."
JN, New Jersey

Excuse of the Day for 8/01/06:

"I can't pay the rent because we just bought a new home and we are moving in a week."
This was 4 months before their year lease was up. I am taking them to court for the lost rent. Time to test the lease. - Wayne, Rutherford, NJ

Excuse of the Day for 7/28/06:

"We adopted a homeless dog. He is a beautiful fully trained showdog, but he was very sick and we had to take him to the vet to save his life. He's fine now, but we spent so much on the vet and other dog stuff that we don't have anything left for the rent now."

Excuse of the Day for 7/27/06:

"Sorry I don't have the rent this month because I had to buy diesel fuel for my truck to get to work."
Well I hope you like living in your truck after you get evicted. - Sandy Jamison, California

Excuse of the Day for 7/26/06:

"I wonít have the rent for 3 weeks because my husband changed his job and wonít get paid until the end of the month."
At the end of the month they only had half the rent. They were served with a 3-day notice immediately. - Sandy Jamison, California

Excuse of the Day for 7/25/06:

"My job transferred me to another area and I will have to break my lease, I'll be out by July 31st. And I still don't know what the bank did with the July rent Ö I'll have to look into it and get back to you."
After calling his employer to ask about the job transfer they informed me he was fired for fraud and stealing from the company and fled back to Texas. Guess I'll have to take him to court to collect since he only stayed there for 2 months out of 12. Sounds like a lot of others will be looking for him too. - Sandy Jamison, California

Excuse of the Day for 7/24/06:

"I spent days cleaning up sewage in the basement and you have the nerve to ask for the rent?"
Don't act like it is my responsibility to clean up your sewage. After all who clogged the line with non-flushables? Pay or leave. - Stefan G., ME

Excuse of the Day for 7/18/06:

He scared the heck out of me. He looks like Danny Devito and sounds like Arnold. Luckily he apologized to me the next day and paid the rent. - Morgan W., PA

Excuse of the Day for 7/14/06:

"I have half of the rent. Could you waive half the late fee? My roomate doesn't get paid till next week."
Both of you rented the house as 1 tenancy on 1 lease. You are both equally responsible for 100% of the rent and 100% of the late fee. - Erin R., Portsmouth, RI

Excuse of the Day for 7/10/06:

"You're prejudiced. You keep asking me for the rent because I'm a minority."
Not true. If I were prejudiced, I wouldn't have rented to him. I am prejudiced against people who don't pay their rent, though. - Marge H., Corona, NY

Excuse of the Day for 7/8/06:

I paid Junes rent and even got the deasel engine out of the back yard what more do you want?
Tenant has been collecting truck and car parts, welding out side and in the basement and asked/told to clean up. He paid Junes rent after the first of July. - Kerry G., Manistee, MI

Excuse of the Day for 7/7/06:

"My brother is paying the rent this month. He's out of town. I'll let you know when he's back."
The tenant does not know when the brother (who is not even a tenant ) will be back with the rent." - Gabbi O., Naples, FL

Excuse of the Day for 7/2/06:

"I had to lend my son money to move into a house. You know I'm good for it."
I thought you were good for it when we signed the lease. Now, you have shown me you are NOT "good for it". - Claudia in Akron, OH

Excuse of the Day for 6/29/06:

"Just because I signed the lease doesn't mean you'll be able to enforce it. My brother in law is a lawyer. He will rip this lease to shreds."
I don't think so. My attorney is serving the eviction notice tommorrow.It's an LPA Lease. - Michael K., San Diego, CA

Excuse of the Day for 6/23/06:

"I just replaced your boiler. You owe me $2,100."
That is very strange. This tenant is about 10 days late every month and calls us to handle much less expensive problems.Why would she violate the lease and have the boiler replaced without at least calling to ask ud to repair or replace it?. She also owes more than that in past due late fees.- Steve S., BVR

Excuse of the Day for 6/22/06:

"As I stated earlier this is your mistake not ours and until we talk, another check will not be issued until we get some issues resolved concerning the depositing of the rent checks."
They have been served a 5 day notice. All I did was deposit the rent check the next business day. The check bounced. I guess they think they can change the date in which rent is due. To bad they signed a lease. - Anthony, Belleville, Illinois

Excuse of the Day for 6/21/06:

"My father will pay the rent. He is out of town, but he will be back before the end of the month."
If this were the first lame excuse I might try to work with them, but this is the 12th or 13th in a year!. - Margaret Riley, Tiverton, MA

Excuse of the Day for 6/14/06:

"This apartment is a fire hazard, I'm afraid I'm going to die !!"
This tenant has had every reason, I mean every reason. this is his newest one. He has dragged the eviction out 6 months!! I've had no rent for 6 months. He has drove other tenants out on me, threaten to sue my workers, (he came with the house when I bought it) he just left, I finally got to see his unit (he wouldn't even let me see it before I bought it). He actually had one of the better units. ~ (and the pictures he used in court, were NOT from his unit, I don't know where he got them). Glad he's gone!!! - Cheri, Revere, MA

Excuse of the Day for 6/10/06:

"I'm behind on my car payment which is more important than my rent because I need my car to get to work."
I hope she likes living in her car. I filed eviction today. - Carrie H. Olathe, Kansas

Excuse of the Day for 6/09/06:

I'm in arrears of $13,000 in child support, the judge says I need to pay it fast, or else!"
"Jail does not collect rent" have a good stay. - Diane/Long Island

Excuse of the Day for 6/07/06:

"The guy who pays my rent is going away for two weeks. Can you wait?"
- J Warburton, Newburgh, NY

Excuse of the Day for 6/06/06:

"I'm expecting a death in the family pretty soon. After that, I'll be all caught up."
She's talking about her elder neglected father who should be cared for and fed. - Sharona R., NJ

Excuse of the Day for 6/02/06:

"I can't pay the rent AGAIN this month, I need to buy another van in order to get to work."
I told him to pay up or enjoy living in the van. Its better than the crappy car he parks in the driveway! - Diane/Long Island, NY

Excuse of the Day for 5/28/06:

"I got a really bad sunburn. It hurts so bad I won't be able to send the rent for a few more days."
I better see a painful looking case of sunpoisoning plus her face when she pays the late charge. - Victoria, NY

Excuse of the Day for 5/21/06:

"I had the rent money, but the front door of my apartment blew open, and someone came in and stole the rent."
This tenant has a filthy apartment, and is always late on the rent. This is the second time her rent has been "stolen". Perhaps a bank account would offer a solution to her poor cash management skills. As a regular reader of this forum, I just laughed to myself, knowing I had just come from magistrate's court after filing the eviction papers, and also knowing I had just heard "The Excuse of the Day." - David B. Kennesaw, Georgia

Excuse of the Day for 5/19/06:

"My daughter had a Breast Implant Surgery and I had to pay it"
Our Answer: "Good for her but we want the rental payment now". A week later we went back and the lady was out of the country. A few weeks later they were evicted. - Y.A. Tampa, Florida

Excuse of the Day for 5/15/06:

The note in the envelope in place of the rent reads: "My job needs me at an out of town convention for the next 2 weeks. There will be no way to contact me. I'll have the rent when I get back."
If this were a reliable tenant, I might give him the benefit of the doubt, but he's late with a different excuse every month. - Jeff C. Portland, ME

Excuse of the Day for 5/13/06:

"I'm only 1 month behind!"
I waited too long to begin the eviction, thinking that he would somehow come up with the rent. I was wrong. I found an attorney to represent me because I wouldn't know how to handle an eviction. We'll be in court next week. - Irma in Mission Viejo, CA

Excuse of the Day for 5/08/06:

"We had a family emergency. My cousin is being evicted and we decided to chip in to rent another apartment for when she gets back from her cruise."
Holy cow! Her cousin's being evicted and is away on a cruise? My tenant can join her cousin in the new place, because she's getting evicted too! - Arthur F., NY

Excuse of the Day for 4/28/06:

"You have 2 months security deposit! Take it from that!"
Security is not rent. The lease states that. The matter of non-payment is already in my attorney's hands. - Mario L., Monks Corner, SC

Excuse of the Day for 4/23/06:

"My computer crashed and cost me over a week of work."
This tenant's business is involved with a website. I still need the rent. - Sondra E., Irvine, CA

Excuse of the Day for 4/21/06:

"My rooster died last night. Without him I don't know what I'm gonna do."
I wasn't aware of it till now, but my tenant was supplimenting his income by hosting cock-fights in the yard. - Steven F., Huntington Station, NY

Excuse of the Day for 4/19/06:

"I hurt my back. I've been out of work the last 2 weeks. "
This he tells me on his way out to go jogging. - Mary D., Tampa, FL

Excuse of the Day for 4/16/06:

"So sorry rent is late-my sister gave birth over the holiday, It's a bit crazy."
Her sister did not live at the apt. where she rented from. this is from an ex-tenant in LA area. (Her rent was 8 days late..still don't know if it's a boy or girl)....
I guess her sister is the only woman who has given birth on the planet. Can't give that excuse to my mortgage company. - Ann, Los Angeles, CA

Excuse of the Day for 4/12/06:

"My accountant is in the hospital. Everything financial is on hold till he gets back."
They obviously don't have the rent money. I am serving a Pay Rent or Quit notice this afternoon. - Debbie K., New York

Excuse of the Day for 4/11/06:

"I'm waiting for my tax check. Keep your shirt on."
That excuse is so old I'm going to increase the late fee if we renew the lease. - Sharon T., NM

Excuse of the Day for 4/6/06:

"I didn't get paid the last 2 weeks. My boss was arrested."
I have no snappy comeback, but I'll have to evict if she doesn't pay the rent soon. - W. Harriman, CO

Excuse of the Day for 4/5/06:

"Did you see how much work I did to this house?"
Yes. I don't want to talk about lease vioaltions right now. I just want the rent. ( They painted the livingroom lime green and painted the newly stained clear pine moldings a high gloss black. Our lease requires written permission before the tenant is allowed to do any painting or "improvements".) - George B., NY

Excuse of the Day for 4/1/06:

"I lent the rent to my brother who had an emergency. He'll have it back to me in just a few days."
I happen to know her brother is a drug addict always in and out of jail. I'll give it 7 days and then start eviction. - Mogee W., Los Angeles, CA

Excuse of the Day for 3/30/06:

"I got a great deal on this widescreen TV. I got you one too. I had to take yours off the rent, though 'cause I didn't have enough cash."
I don't watch TV. I want the rent now! - Jeff R. in Kentucky

Excuse of the Day for 3/27/06:

"I just had oral surgery. The rent is the last thing on my mind."
It will be the first thing on your mind when you get your late fee notice! - Violet B., Toms River, NJ

Excuse of the Day for 3/23/06:

"My husband signs the checks and he went away for the week."
The rent came the next week with the wife's signature on the check. - Gaye Allen, Cottonwood, AZ

Excuse of the Day for 3/20/06:

"My boss did not pay me for the last 2 weeks."
I know her employer and called him. He fired her for stealing 2 weeks before. - Donald Smith, Atlanta, GA

Excuse of the Day for 3/17/06:

"I'm very sorry, but I had some unexpected expenses that could not be avoided."
When pressed, she told me she had to buy a dress and pay a hotel bill for her high school reunion. I still had to send a late charge notice. - Rosalind Hietz, Portland, ME

Excuse of the Day for 3/15/06:

When January's rent wasn't paid by the 20th of January, 2006, my tenant told me that she mailed it on the 31st of December, 2005. She said it must have got lost in the mail or maybe she didn't mail it and she accidentally shredded it. Okay. Now this month (March) she is 14 days late and when I finally got a hold of her this a.m. she said that she needed my address again because she lost her day planner. Whatever. I am so glad I found the LPA, now I know I am not alone in this nightmare. - Jennifer Hill, Sherman, Texas

Excuse of the Day for 3/11/06:

"I'm getting married! We'll talk about it after my honeymoon."
She said they were returning in 2 weeks. I said they may not have a home to retuirn to because I am starting court action now unless they work something out. - Jane K. in Illinois

Excuse of the Day for 3/5/06:

"My girlfriend broke up with me. AND SHE TOOK ALL MY MONEY!"
They are both on the lease so I will be starting the eviction against both of them. I will also be reporting them on LPA to their credit reports. - Wilton in Ohio

Excuse of the Day for 3/2/06:

"My work changed my pay schedule. Now I get paid on the 2nd Friday of each month. Can we change the due date?" - Dick Derle, Bellmore, NY

Excuse of the Day for 2/27/06:

"Don't tell me I can't pay it next month. I know you let Mrs. S. take 2 months to pay last year. I will sue for discrimination if you persist!"
I let a credit-worthy tenant catch up on a payment plan after a hospital stay. This tenant is always crying discrimination and always pays extremely late. As soon as the market opens up a little, I'll be looking to replace her. - Marc S., HI

Excuse of the Day for 2/23/06:

"I have my share, but my partners don't have the money."
Who said anything about "partners"? I rented the apartment to a single person who now seems to be sharing with partners who also can't afford the rent. William T., Phil, PA

Excuse of the Day for 2/18/06:

"The guy who pays my rent is going away for two weeks. Can you wait?"
- J Warburton, Newburgh, NY

Excuse of the Day for 2/11/06:

"I'm sorry, I paid my credit cards first. I'd much rather pay your late charge than theirs."
This is why the late fees have to hurt enough to prioritize the rent payment. - John@TheLPA

Excuse of the Day for 2/9/06:

"I'm sorry but there is something wrong with 'my check' and I didn't receive it yet. I will check to see what is wrong and get back to you........"
- J Warburton, Newburgh, NY

Excuse of the Day for 2/7/06:

"I'm sorry but I was arrested last week and lost my job. Can we work something out?"
What were you arrested for? Identity theft. Nice. - J Warburton, Newburgh, NY

Excuse of the Day for 2/6/06:

"Someone broke into my apartment last week and stole all my money and my jewelry. I'm sorry but your are going to have to evict me. I can't pay my rent."
PS: no request to do repairs was ever made or reported until rent was due - J Warburton, Newburgh, NY

Excuse of the Day for 2/1/06:

"Can I skip this month? Things are tight and my boss said I can take some time off to relax."
At first, I laughed because I really thought she was kidding... Nope. She's for real and so is my Urgent Late Notice and Late fee! - Ricky D., CA

Excuse of the Day for 01/25/06:

"I brought my car in for an inspection and it failed the test. I had to pay $900. to get my car fixed."
The rent can not be dependant on your car repairs, I told her. She will still have to pay the rent and the late fee. I agreed to give her 7 days extra to come up with everything befor i have to start legal action. - Michael K., Newport, RI

Excuse of the Day for 01/17/06:

"No rent. Sorry. I don't have it. Do what you have to."
I tried to find out why, but could not get an honest answer, so I have no choice but to start legal eviction. - D. Leonard, Port St. Lucie, FL

Excuse of the Day for 01/16/06:

"It's nothing personal. I do this to all my landlords. You should have checked me out better."
Although it was many years ago, this was one of the catalysts that helped propel me to create The LPA. - John@theLPA

Excuse of the Day for 01/15/06:

"Can you hold this check till the monday after next monday? I'm having a little problem with my bank. They're telling me that I don't have any money in the account."
I'm sorry, I don't take post dated checks. You'd better find a way to pay the rent and the late fee before the attorney's fee gets added on. - Steve S., NY

Excuse of the Day for 01/11/06:

"I'm not paying another month until you remove the furniture I don't want."
I rented the condo out furnished to an old woman who keeps trying to change the deal as she goes along. In the lease, it was agreed that she was renting it furnished and "As Is". I may have to ruin her credit and report her to the National Tenant Rating Bureau. - J. Klein, FL

Excuse of the Day for 01/01/06:

"I know all the landlord tricks. As soon as I pay the rent, you will evict me anyway."
This person has been a nightmare tenant. If she doesn't pay the rent I definately will have to evict her. - L.J. Chess, NY

Excuse of the Day for 12/29/05:

"My Pastor will pay the rent this month and will be calling you today."
Needless to say, a pastor never called me and I found out from the courts that the tenant was there that very same day pleading to the clerk to prevent eviction and told the clerk that she had paid me and could prove it with receipts! She's been evicted. - James C., Atlanta, GA

Excuse of the Day for 12/28/05:

"Boy, you really want that rent money. Don't you? Well, I had a lot of holiday expenses this year. You're gonna have to wait and be real patient like."
This guy thinks he can intimidate me. I am not afraid to evict this alcoholic loser. - John G., TX

Excuse of the Day for 12/22/05:

"I was rushing to get you the rent on time and got a very expensive speeding ticket. That messed everything up. I argued with the judge and then I had to pay additional fines. See what happens when you put pressure on me?"
I'm sorry he got a ticket. I gave the tenants envelopes to send the rent in. I can't accept the blame for the rent being late. A late fee is still gonna have to be charged.- Landlord Mike S., TN

Excuse of the Day for 12/18/05:

Death of unauthorized tenant "You have a dead raccoon stuck in the back of the dryer! Get it out or we will call the Health Department!"
Three things: 1. Pay the rent. 2. You brought your own dryer with you, remember?, 3. In your lease, you are responsible for all pests and extermination remedies. (LPA Lease clause # 13) - George C., PA

Excuse of the Day for 12/13/05:

"I called the original owner, he says he will not charge you any late fees."
That is not how it works, I pay on time. You pay your late fees.- Bart P., CA

Excuse of the Day for 11/28/05:

"My son had to quit his job because his grades are slipping."
I rented the apartment to her based on her income and references. The son didn't even have a job. I guess they'll have to move if they can't afford the rent. I told her that. - Robert A., Tustin, CA

Excuse of the Day for 11/27/05:

"I looked up this house in the tax records and it belongs to someone else. I'm not paying you. I'll be holding the rent until I find the 'real' owner."The deed and mortgage is in my partner's name, but we are both on the lease. I know this is just a stalling tactic and must charge a late fee. - Martina K., GA

Excuse of the Day for 11/23/05:

"I don't have it. I'm a landlord too and I had to use this month's rent to evict my non-paying tenant."Well it sure is a domino effect. The only difference is that I'll have my mortgage paid even after I evict you. - Ronald C., KY

Excuse of the Day for 11/18/05:

"I can't use the toilet anymore. You have to widen the area around the toilet so I can use it!"What this tenant of 5 years is talking about is something I never thought I'd hear. She has gained so much weight in the last few years that she can't fit on the toilet in the space between the vanity and the wall. Now she is using the rent as leverage to get me to make the bathroom "Obese Friendly". The house has only one bathroom. I wonder where she is going to the bathroom now. - Jonathan L., PA

Excuse of the Day for 11/14/05:

"Oh, hi. I was just making out the check now."This is what shes said when I called on the 14th of the month. I told her we needed the check immediately and will pick up the check right away, she said: "I'm not home now, I'm at the car place getting my car fixed." (By the way, I did get the check later in the day and it was dated the 4th! Does she think we are stupid?)- Steve S., NY

Excuse of the Day for 11/11/05:

"I spent all my rent money on the massage parlor. It's great for stress relief and I needed it."When you get your late fee notice, you're really gonna need it. - Lou C., NY

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