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WHAT'S HOT in the LPA ?

  • Heads UP! Email Reminders New Landlord Information Heads Up! E-Mail Notices and Reminders Collection
    New Feature Exclusively for LPA Members!

    Banks do it, utility companies and management companies do it, because it works - and you can too! You don't need a complicated program to send your tenants a simple e-mail reminder notice.

    Worth A Thousand Words!
    The LPA's Rental Advertising division,"Landlord's Corner" allows you to include up to 6 pictures (thumbnails and full size pictures) in each rental ad.

    (UNLIMITED FREE ADS come with LPA membership!)

    LPA members: FREE!
    Non-members: only $5. per ad.

  • Click here to order Dani Babb's Book,  The Accidental Landlord FREE LPA Gift with Book Purchase! Fellow LPA Member, Dr. Danielle Babb is a national real estate expert and author of the new Landlording Book, "The Accidental Landlord".

    Get your copy now... with a FREE BONUS! from

  • John A. Reno, Attorney at LawASK the ATTORNEY!
    John Reno, Esq. has specialized in landlord tenant law for many years. As an expert in landlord tenant legal matters, Mr. Reno answers questions asked by LPA members. Do any of the questions apply to your rental(s)?

  • Landlord Articles Library
    Access and read specialized landlord articles that about real day to day nitty gritty solutions, and how to avoid many common problems landlords face when dealing with tenants.

  • Disclosure Notice: Credit Reporting and Tenant Performance
    One increasingly common question I hear from prospective tenants is, "Do you report our payments to the credit bureau?" Sometimes this question is asked because the tenants are interested in building a good credit rating. Other times, the tenants don't want you to report because they are used to enjoying the benefits of paying the rent late without any derogatory feedback on their credit report.

  • Now that you've used your new Tenant-Finder™ Telephone Worksheet and mastered the art of telephone tenant screening, we have gone a step further. The LPA's latest form, the Tenant-Finder™ Prospect Qualifying Chart makes the next phase of tenant screening even easier!

  • May 18, 2006: New Landlord Form:
    The LPA's Tenant-Finder Pre-Screening Telephone Worksheet

    Before giving out the address of your rental property and committing your time to a doomed appointment with an unqualified renter, you can use the Tenant-Finder Worksheet to more carefully evaluate which prospects are worth meeting with.

  • The Landlord Protection Agency instituted a promotional 5 year membership price of $39.99 per year. This includes the CD of forms and full LPA membership benefits.

  • The LPA Essential Forms are still the HOTTEST landlord forms and a favorite of landlords and attorneys across the US and Canada.

  • Multiple Year Memberships More and more landlords are taking advantage of the benefits of the long term LPA memberships for good reason.
  • The most popular reason is it's cheaper.
    "The 5 year membership comes out to only $39.99 per year! How can I pass that up. I've already recouped it with the first month of my membership. That was 10 years ago," says Lou C. of BVR Management, NY

  • The Forms Disk is a FREE BONUS for any new multiple year member.

  • $$$ Special Renewal Prices $$$ Even if you renew your single year with a multiple year membership, we will still send you the CD ROM of Forms.

    The reduced rate renewals are most popular with LPA members. The forms CD also comes with renewals for multiple years! (The 5 year renewal is ONLY $29. per year! AND you can get it after the expiration of ANY LENGTH LPA membership!)

  • The New "LPA Property Manager" Property Management Software program is a membership bonus available FREE for ALL LPA Members. (Info and features are listed in the "Coming Soon" area of this page below)

  • Tenant Reporting To Credit Bureaus and Deadbeat Database
    The ability to report tenants is an ongoing ability that enables landlords to collect rents more efficiently and collect on bad debts. It's a powerful tool to get your tenants off to the right start and to enforce your lease.

    for New 2 -5 year LPA Members

    The idea is to make you a more powerful landlord - able to handle just about any landlord / tenant situation in a professional way, saving you time and money. Having the forms all on disk is a handy time saving convenience.


    The LPA Newsletter

    We hope you're enjoying our newsletter. We've also created an "LPA Newsletter Archive" so you can refer to past "Special Reports", Commentaries and other information.
    In it, each issue we'll be sharing a "Special Report" to help our fellow landlords in the trenches, plus other helpful information we hope you will like.
    If you'd like to submit an article you'd like us to publish in upcoming issues, please feel free to send it in to

    $$$ MAKE SOME MONEY $$$

    The LPA Affiliate Program

    We will pay you 10% for each new member signed up with your affiliate code!
    How many landlords do you know?
    There are two types of affiliate partnerships:
    1. Affiliate links. That is when you display a coded LPA link on your website that enables the customer to visit the LPA. The system automatically pays you for any purchases made as a result of that visit.
    2. Individual Affilliate Code. You receive a special code that referrals from you enter into our checkout system when placing an order. The system will automatically pay your account for any orders palaced using your affiliate code. You choose whether you get paid by check, or have direct bank deposit.

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