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Landlord Newsletter HAPPY HOLIDAYS! 2006

The LPA Newsletter,
Mid December 2006


In this newsletter:

  • Free Form Download: . Download in MS Word and PDF.
  • More tenant Excuses
  • More Success Quotes
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    Please e-mail us if you have any questions or would like to add or share any material / information. Have a great month and Happy Holidays!
    John Nuzzolese


    Landlord Tips for Avoiding Fraudulent Applicants

    Provided by Cathy Taylor of Rate-A-Renter
    You have to know what to watch out for when you screen your potential applicants. Here are some tips to make sure they are who they say they are:

  • Check the application for errors and any information that strikes you as false. Always ask the applicant to clarify suspicious data and engage them in a conversation. Most lies or attempts to hide information, will become apparent.

  • Ask for a complete history of residence. If they have moved long distances numerous times in a short period, ask why.

  • Always verify their work history including length of employment, position and salary. Then make sure their work history matches up with the residence history.

  • Check all forms of identification including: social security card, driver’s license, pay stub, W-2 form or a currently utility or phone bill. Compare the name and address from these to what has been provided on the rental application.

  • Make sure the signatures on the applicant’s ID matches the signatures on your rental application. If it looks significantly different, have the applicant sign their name right in front of you.

  • Be aware of suspicious behavior such as the applicant acting nervous or appearing to withhold or modify information. Do they struggle to remember their social security number or address? Do they come across as being pushy about moving in? These should be red flags to you to use your gut instinct.

  • Does the credit report come back with numerous inquiries within a short period of time? It’s not always true, but this can be an indicator of someone who has opened fraudulent accounts.

  • Don’t accept a credit report directly from the applicant – always use Rate-a-Renter as these documents can be altered.

  • Applicants that come back with “No Credit Found” should be suspect. Not everyone has credit; but they are a minority (unless they are new to the US or are under 18).


    Move Out Clean Up & Debris Letter

    This has proven to be a landlord's clean-up helper. Get the tenant on the job before they move.

    Have you ever wondered if the tenants would have done a better job vacating if you gave them specific instructions? Much like the LPA Move Out Reminder Letter, this reminds the tenants to not wait until their last day of tenancy to put out garbage and debris. They are urged avoid clean up charges and deductions from their security deposit and to make arrangements as soon as possible to get rid of their unwanted items, rather than leave or abandon them behind in or around the property.

    FREE LPA Form!

    Cleanup Debris letterMove Out Clean Up & Debris Letter

    Move Out Clean Up & Debris Letter


    Tenant Excuses

    "Don't worry, we'll have this months rent after Joey sells his X-box. They are selling for big bucks for Christmas. We should have invested in more of them." - Walter H., Colorado Springs, CO

    "I know I am two months behind on rent but......can you give me another 30 days? My boyfriend is unemployed and I want to buy a car." - Julie, Michigan



    eleanor roosevelt quotes Yogi Berra quotes Thomas Edison quotes Benjamin Franklin success quotes

    "If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader." — John Quincy Adams

    "How much did your last tenant problem cost you?"
    - John Nuzzolese

    America's #1 real estate expert is also an LPA Member!
    The Landlord's Troubleshooter and more Real Estate Books By Robert Irwin
    Robert Irwin is the bestselling author of more than 50 books on real estate. His career in the real estate industry encompasses more than three decades of experience as real estate broker, landlord, and consultant to lenders, agents, and investors.
    Robert Irwin Real Estate Books


    Books by LPA Members

    The Landlord Protection Agency is proud to recommend the following landlord books written by LPA Members, Robert Irwin, Timothy Spangler, Tony & Sandy Midea and Dan Auito. Just click on the book for more information about it.

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