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WELCOME to the art of landlord protection! We believe in safe, effective and profitable property management techniques. What is The Landlord Protection Agency about? Our mission is to provide you with the advantage of specialized landlord rental forms, knowledge and tools to protect you from countless pitfalls and dangers in the world of Landlords and Tenants.
Learn How to Eliminate Tenant Problems! Join The Landlord Protection Agency's thousands of landlords and real estate professionals in upholding a code of ethics and winning philosophy in the tenant and property management industry. The LPA offers a wealth of landlord experience, and many valuable resources and services:

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"Of all the sites out there, the LPA by FAR has the most extensive resources, the most knowledgeable help, the most expertise, and is quite possibly the best real estate site I've used in my career."
Dr. Dani Babb,
FOX Business News, CNN, CNBC,
Author of
"The Accidental Landlord", LPA member since 2007.

More landlord testimonials

"The best way to avoid tenant problems is to avoid problem tenants." - John Nuzzolese

Landlord Tenant Excuses
Excuse Of The Day
Where's the rent? Are you tired of collecting excuses instead of rent? Read some of the humorous and sometimes ridiculous excuses tenants give to landlords!

Free Landlord Eviction Warning Form FREE Eviction Form:
See how easy it is to download and print a Landlord Form!
Sometimes your tenant doesn't really grasp the consequences of a full blown eviction. This eviction letter explains the immediate and future drawbacks to the tenant caused by the process of eviction and it's aftermath.

Gives the tenant reasons to avoid the eviction processEviction Ramifications Notice (PDF Format)
Eviction Ramifications Notice (MS Word Format)

Free Rental Agreement Form FREE Rental Agreement Form:
The Basic Rental Agreement is very basic compared to the LPA Lease. It contains a few essential items such as Late Fees, Security, Renter’s Insurance, etc. for Landlord Protection, keeps it short and sweet for those of you who may insist on a very quick and easy rental agreement.
Free Basic Rental Agreement (PDF Format)

Free Landlord Articles

"No man becomes rich unless he enriches others. " - Andrew Carnegie

Landlord Articles - Tenant ScreeningLANDLORD SPECIAL REPORT #1:
How to Screen & Qualify Tenants in 5 Easy Steps
- Tenant screening and Tenant selection is one of the most important aspects of being a successful landlord. These 5 steps to screening break down the process for you in simple easy terms.

Key Elements of The LPA Lease - Praised by attorneys and judges!
"A whole landlord education is squeezed into The LPA Lease! If a lease agreement was ever JAM PACKED with Landlord Protection, it's this one."

What Do I Do When the Tenant Doesn't Pay?

Landlord Articles - Tenant Notice to VacateLANDLORD SPECIAL REPORT:
What Do I Do When the Tenant Wants to Leave?

Rental Flow Chart, Prescreening to lease agreement
Free Landlord Flow Chart Form

This landlord flow chart is a simple guide to take you through the steps from first contact with a tenant to signing a rental agreement.

Get the inside scoop on important landlording topics concerning your rental property management.

John A. Reno, Attorney at Law Ask the Eviction Attorney

Ask the Eviction Attorney

Real Estate Attorney John Reno an expert in landlord tenant legal matters, has specialized in landlord tenant law for many years. Mr. Reno answers questions asked by LPA members to help solve all kinds of landlord tenant problems. Do any of these questions apply to you?

Credit Reports, Criminal Background Checks, Eviction Reports

Fast Online Landlord Credit ReportsQuick Check Credit Reports ~ Tenant screening - No signup fees! No Onsite Inspection for Private Landlords

Special Tenant Screening Discounts for LPA members.

See our reports price list!

"I'm excited about my new credit account with Quick Check Credit Reports.
With the special LPA member discount prices, I already saved enough money on reports to cover my 5 year LPA membership!"
- Jack Klein, LPA Member


FREE Bonus of Membership!
PAYING RENT should be a TOP PRIORITY for your Tenant

All consumer and collection agency reporting is done in strict compliance with Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) guidelines.

Click Credit Bureau Logo for More Information
Experian Credit Reports, Transunion Credit Reports, Equifax Credit Reports, tenant reporting, report on tenant credit report

Be sure to check out the LPA's the LPA's Credit Reporting Disclosure Notice to Tenants

Landlord and Real Estate Investing Success Books

Landlord & Success Books

The Accidental Landlord, by Danielle Babb, The Landlord Troubleshooter by Robert Irwin, A Fools Guide to Landlording, Landlording, Landlord Marketing Secrets, Drew McMasters, Nothing Down, Rich Dad Poor Dad, Magic Bullets by Dan Auito, Creating Wealth by Robert G Allen, How to manage residential rental property,  landlord tenant law, investment property

Choice landlord, investment, inspirational and success books.

State specific lease clause inserts for LPA Lease Rental Agreement State Specific Lease Clause Index
For LPA Lease and Rental Agreement. State landlord tenant laws vary across the US. The LPA State Specific Lease Clause Index provides your state's clause inserts for your Lease or Rental Agreement form to be in full compliance with your state requirements. Check your state's lease clause inserts. It's Free!

See local and state landlord tenant laws at The LPA's Landlord Tenant Law - State by State page.

Landlord Test QuestionsThe LPA Landlord Test. See how you score!
How good are you at being a landlord or property manager? Quiz yourself on basic landlord and real estate knowledge.

How much $$$ did your last tenant problem cost you? . . . $100.00? ... $500.00? ... $5,000.00? ... MORE?

"I expect your LPA Membership and arsenal of Essential Landlord Forms to save you from countless pitfalls and many now avoidable expenses in the coming years!" - John Nuzzolese, The Landlord Protection Agency, Inc.

"The best way to avoid tenant problems is to avoid problem tenants."
- John Nuzzolese, The Landlord Protection Agency, Inc.

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