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Since The Landlord Protection Agency came online in the year 2000, it has helped thousands of landlords overcome their tenant problems while enabling them to perform more easily and efficiently in management of rental property and tenants.

It is the goal of The LPA to uphold a philosophy and code of ethics among landlords, real estate brokers and rental agents in dealing with Tenants. The LPA site caters to the landlord and property manager in all of the United States, Canada and many other English-speaking countries.

Go ahead! Copy or print our rental forms. Get set up with specialized property management forms! (You may access our Free Landlord Forms immediately, but if you are joining with full access to The LPA anyway, our entire Essential Landlord Forms collection is included free with your membership)

How much money and time did your last tenant problem cost you?
I expect your LPA Membership and arsenal of Landlord Forms to save you from countless pitfalls and expenses in the coming years!

Whether you decide to become a Certified LPA Member, or just take advantage of the free information and forms on this web site, I'm sure that you will find it an excellent landlord support system with benefits that will improve your job as a landlord, real estate agent, or rental property manager. Good Luck!
- John Nuzzolese

Landlord Forms that Protect Your Investment

Screen tenants, use state-specific leases that protect your rights, and receive 100+ downloadable landlord forms. Gain access to resources, forums, and attorney advice with access to The LPA.

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The Lease Agreements You Need

Our basic lease agreement is great, but what you really need are state-specific lease agreements that provide you with maximum protection. Access to the Essential Forms will give you just that, including various lease agreements with options like:

  • The LPA Lease for House Rentals
  • Furnished Lease with Inventory Checklist
  • Lease with a Purchase Option
  • Apartment Lease
  • Commercial Net Lease
  • Rental Agreement with Month to Month Tenancy

    Browse our Essential Landlord Forms

    Addendums, Rent Collection, & Property Management Forms

    The LPA grants you access to all of thes additional forms to ensure your business has everything you need to run smoothly.


    Addendums and disclosure statements are mandatory if you want to ensure that leases work on your terms. Provide additional items to your lease based on your needs. Spell out the duties and responsibilities of the landlord and the tenant so there aren’t any questions a few months down the road. Make all the details crystal-clear in the eyes of the law. The best part is all of our addendums are included with your access to The LPA.

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    Rent Application & Tenant Screening

    Find the best tenants through the use of our rental application and tenant screening forms. Not only will you get application forms for commercial and residential properties, but you’ll also receive hand-selected prequalification questions to ask your potential tenants before you fill out any paperwork. Members receive a discount on QuickCheck Credit Reports, our complete tenant screening solution that specializes in instant credit, criminal, and eviction reports. The LPA helps you save time and money. Some of the additional tenant screening forms:

  • The LPA Rental Application - Streamlined
  • Criminal & Credit Background Release form
  • Pet Request & Application
  • Denial Letter
  • Adverse Action Letter
  • Rental Binder Agreement
  • And many more!
  • Browse Tenant Screening Forms

    Rent Collection Forms

    Be prepared for any landlord situation with our arsenal of rent collection forms. Enforce your lease with documented proof of what you have done with each interaction you’d had with your tenant. Keep emotions out of the way and let the forms do the talking for you. Some of the rent collection forms included are:

  • Urgent Late Notice
  • Security Settlement Statement
  • Grounds Violation Notice
  • Lease Violation Notice
  • Notice of Unauthorized Rent Deduction
  • Eviction Ramification Notice
  • And many more!
  • Browse Rent Collection Forms

    Property Management Forms

    Our property management forms are the perfect companions for any property manager. No matter the situation or tenant, you can confidently say, “We’ve got a form for that!” These professional forms will ensure the landlord is protected. Some of the property management forms include:

  • Property Management Agreement
  • Lease Renewal Form
  • Rent Receipt
  • Rent Increase Letter
  • And many more!
  • Browse Property Management Forms

    You can purchase any form in our library, but the best deal with the lowest cost by far is the LPA membership. If you were to purchase all of our forms individually, it would cost over $1,300. An LPA full access membership costs $149.99 for one year. Download the forms you need and enjoy the security and protection our landlord forms provide.

    Additional Membership Benefits

    The LPA has numerous other membership benefits that you’ll enjoy that will make your job even easier.

  • Pre-written Email Notices to Tenants
  • Free Tenant Credit Reporting (with Guidance)
  • Discounts to Quick Checks Credit Reports
  • Landlord forum: Allows you to connect with other landlords for advice
  • Ask the Attorney: Have a legal question you need answered? Ask our attorney and receive the answers you need for free.
  • Gain access to the Tips & Articles Library and the Landlord Newsletter archive

  • How It Works

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    Judge & Attorney Approved

    Our landlord forms have been tested in courts of law across the country and there has been one common denominator. The landlords who have used our forms have been awarded settlements time and time again. We’ve even had attorneys and judges commend the landlords for having such solid leases. Follow the successful path of many other landlords and join the LPA.

    Resources for Every Phase of the Landlord Process

  • Rental Application & Tenant Screening
  • Lease Agreement
  • Tenant Notices & Reminders
  • Moving Out

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